5 Trendy Kitchen Design Ideas That Are Well-Loved By Singaporeans

Kitchen is the heart of the home that serves a functional and practical purpose – which is preparing delicious home-cooked food that is made with love. It is more important than you might think, as a comforting kitchen ambiance can set one’s mindset right to carry out a productive cooking session, and practical storage spaces are needed to  keep the sacred cooking space clean and cluttered free.

These days, Singaporeans are starting to see the importance of the kitchen, and more impressive kitchen designs  are starting to appear in the homely HDB flats of Singapore.

When it comes to the best kitchen design, two crucial factors contribute to it –layout and functionality. So, if you are planning to remodel or renovate your kitchen in Singapore, here are the latest kitchen design ideas for you.


1. Sleek and Minimal Kitchen Design

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Noble Interior Design

You can make your cooking space look bigger by choosing white colour for the entire space. To achieve this spacious looking interior. you need to paint walls with white colour, and choose a gleaming white surface for cabinets and white tiles for flooring.

This cohesive white interior can help to create a calm and tranquil ambiance, while it would also look clean and modern. Furthermore, open shelves are in trend, so go for open shelves instead of upper cabinets, as it also helps you to quickly grab any kitchen supplies and place it back nicely again!

You can display your spices and few décor pieces on these open shelves in the kitchen. Take the idea from the above inspiration.


2. Extraordinary Patterned Backsplash

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Design 4 Space

You can easily make your kitchen look unique and one-of-a-kind just by adding a touch of unique pattern tiles for your kitchen backsplash. It is an understated area that has the ability to transform your entire kitchen aesthetic when it is utilized efficiently. These outstanding patterns are best paired with neutral and minimal cabinets to make its design truly pop.


3. Visually Separate The Spaces And Kitchen Boundaries

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Design Story

This open concept kitchen has no partition, but the design and material visually define the space. The kitchen island in black serves as a breakfast nook and cutting area. Furthermore, the contrasting colours of the flooring visually separates the kitchen space from the living room.  This kind of open kitchen design certainly can make a home look more spacious while contributing a stylish modern aesthetic to the interior.


4. Use Glass Doors & Windows As Partition

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: WT+a Interiors

An open concept kitchen is a trendy thing to incorporate in Singapore home these days, as it can make your home interior look airy and spacious, however some may be worried that the smell of grease from the cooking might stink up the rest of the home, so this point is the best solution for that. By using transparent glass doors and windows as your kitchen partition not only gives your kitchen that chic contemporary edge, but it also maintains a certain level of open concept with the see through surface, while protecting the rest of your home from the smell of cooking.


5. Seamless Wooden Texture For Storage Cabinets

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Design 4 Space

These says, many Singaporean homeowners also like to opt for fully wooden textured kitchen cabinets, as it not only gives you that sleek and neat aesthetic that every modern home needs, but it can also exude a sense of warmth to the entire space, which is perfect for a kitchen ambiance!

So here are some of the trendy kitchen designs that are loved by Singaporeans nowadays, you can take these inspiration into consideration for your next home renovation!

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Clean and Relaxing

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