How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Kid’s Bedroom

Take a second to remember what your bedroom looked like as a kid. Are you done? Okay. Now, I think it would be safe to say it is not as uber-stylish as we want our kids’ bedrooms to be. I mean that is the essence of parenting, right? Wanting a better “everything” for our kids, and that does not exclude the one place most of their childhood memories will be made – their bedroom. We want to curate a creative and colourful space for our kids to sleep off in and wake up to. Picking the right furniture might be easy, setting them in the right place, a tad more demanding. But bringing it to life with the right amount of lighting might prove challenging. The laws of lighting in interior design are not the same for our kids’ bedrooms, and because of this, we would explore the specific art to become well-informed.

Lighting is considered one of the most critical aspects of interior design. For most decors, it is about bringing the furniture to life, but for your child’s bedroom, it is about its effect on their eyes and mind. The furniture should bring lighting to life, and not the other way around. To curate a beautiful and practical bedroom lighting arrangement, we would consider every factor touching multiple points, intensity and colour temperature being the main focus. So get inspired by the photo tour below and explore the aesthetic impact of lighting up your kid’s room, making it feel subtly ethereal and magical.

1. Scintillating Skyglow

Interior design, home renovation, Image source: Rezt n Relax Interior Design

From the magical chandelier to the fabulous edge-lit crown moulding of the ceiling, this lighting technique simply sends your kids to a place of charming wonder and imagination. The accent lighting of the ceiling takes the beauty of the ceiling mural to another level, giving the Victorian styled space some form of awe-inspiring bliss.


2. Singular Lamplight

Interior design, home renovation, Image source: 3D Innovations Design Pte Ltd

This small kids bedroom for four takes the minimalist approach with its bunk bed setting. Not a lot stands out, so it’s appropriate to go for a single bright overhead lamplight. One of the key attributes to the good lighting of a kids bedroom is low-to-medium light intensity, so a single overhead lamp would prove just fine to light up the entire room. The designers did well to not position the lamplight directly above the beds so the bright light doesn’t affect the children’s eyes. These are critical things to consider when choosing the lighting technique of a child’s bedroom.


3. Natural Ambience

Interior design, home renovation, Image source: Design 4 Space

The lighting of this room is just uber-chic. And what catches our attention is the smooth diffusion of light on every piece of this room’s aesthetic. This is an ideal example of how to bless the decor of your kid’s room with sunlight. And in the night time, it is adorned with the gracious white light of the fluorescent ceiling lamps, adding spark to the room in a way that is mild and gentle.


4. Yellow Lustre

Interior design, home renovation, Image source: Stylerider Pte Ltd

White and yellow colours receive interior lightings spectacularly. One way or another it would blend into your preferred style of lighting up a room, and that is what makes this lighting design so vibrant and uber-cool. It can be easily compared to mild luminance, but the yellow-white colour scheme gives the lighting technique a different clinical finish.


5. Recessed Lighting

Interior design, home renovation, Image source: WT+A Interiors

Currently one of the most used styles of lighting in contemporary decor, recessed lighting has proven to be very versatile, durable and also classy. It’s popular for bringing out the beauty in any type of design, including that which inspires your kid’s bedroom decor. Giving it an uber-cool and modern tone, this lighting technique reflects the beautiful aesthetic of this children bedroom.

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