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5 Creative Tips To Refurbish Your Small Living Room

When you’re tight on space, finding the right ideas on how to decorate a small living room can be quite a challenge. Still, some careful planning and a dash of creativity can help you achieve your dream space. So, to help you get started we’ve put together some of our design experts’ favourite tips for cozy and stylish small living room decor. Read on to see what they have to say!

1. Go Vertical

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Artsy Edge Interior Pte Ltd

One of the best ideas on how to arrange a small living room is to take advantage of vertical space. When floor space is limited, using wall space is a great way to add extra storage or functionality. These built-in shelves will help you keep away clutter, the worst enemy of a small living room. Not only this, a vertical feature will draw the eyes upward and distract from the smallness of the space.


2. How To Arrange Small Living Room

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Designstyle Studio

If tiny legs and thin, streamlined frames are not your cup of tea, then go lower. Opt for the furniture that sits low to the floor, as it will promote airiness and convey the visual effect of higher ceilings. Playing with scales is also welcome, as long as you don’t suffocate the room with unnecessary oversized pieces.

3. Multi-Purpose Small Living Room Layout

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: A Blue Cube Design (ABCD)

Multi-purpose spaces are modern, sustainable, and – when done right highly functional. Instead of splitting the place into tiny separate rooms, consider the possibility of winning the floor space by uniting them. A single area can serve as a living room, a family room, a game room, and a home office. Naturally, such a solution will require some compromise – but at the same time, it will be easier to furnish and far more comfortable.


 4. Go Monochrome

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt n Relax Interior

Yes, this is a conventional, safe option for a small living room design – but that’s precisely why it’s also a classic. Bright walls and ceilings will visually enhance the space, making it feel lighter and airier. Use patterns, art, and cozy small living room decor to make the arrangement more diligent, or add a single colourful piece of furniture to make a statement focal point of the room. Like here this colourful rug adds a striking look to this graceful living room.

5. Use Mirrors To Expand a Compact Space

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Designstyle Studio

Not surprisingly, mirrors can make a room look a lot larger. You can also try using a focal point and angle your mirrors towards it, which will give the illusion of depth. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night and they bounce light deep into the room, making it appear larger. Mirrors on the walls can make it seem like there’s a more open flow. You can also use mirrored cabinet doors to make spaces feel large and uncluttered.

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