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Interior design from the 1940s to the 1950s is seen as vintage today. Some might even call furniture pieces used back then, old and out of date. However, many items and decorating ideas from that time can be incorporated into your modern style home to give it a unique and luxurious look.

Vintage furniture does not only look classy but in many cases is of an excellent quality and consists of incredibly detailed designs. Most vintage designs consist of luscious fabrics, natural elements and inviting colors. By mixing and matching the right kind of vintage decor with some modern piece, you can get marvelous results.

Before going out on the hunt for a vintage piece or scavenging through your grandparents’ storage, make sure you know a vintage piece when you see one. Furniture from the 1940s or 1950s is mostly considered vintage and doing a quick image search online for interiors during those times will help the inspirations flow.

Antique furniture piece includes Victorian and French style while most elements will consist of intricate detailing and finishes. Vintage decor and styles can either have a luxurious, regal, layered look or consist of pastel shades or jewel tones. A large antique piece can bring charm to the room, but even some small decorative objects will do the trick so here are some ideas that will help you decide which fits your style better.



1. In the bedroom

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Bedroom is a place that needs to provide one with a peaceful night sleep, and that is why soft and calm comes to mind. For those with this vision in mind, soft pastel colors with floral designs and a princess-like bed might be a good option. Others who like darker shades can incorporate antique side tables with a dark wood shade, a vintage wooden chest as a decorative piece that doubles as storage space or some metallic elements. Vintage patterned throw pillows, rugs, bedding or curtains can help create a certain charm.



2. Bath time

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Nothing says more vintage than a bathtub that stands on four legs. These old clawfoot baths do not only look classy but are spacious enough to ensure you can stretch out when it is time to rejuvenate. Antique mirrors with a heavy frame can “reflect” some style in your bathroom. For hanging your towels, you can use some old towel racks and rods.



3. Kitchen and dining area

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Small adjustments can be made to your modern kitchen cabinets like changing the knobs with antique wooden or metal knobs. Around the dining room table, you can have a mismatch of vintage chairs that are cushioned for comfort. Storage containers with some printed images from the 40s or 50s can be found in stores and many antique shops could have cups and plates that will have you dining in a Victorian style.




4. Living room

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A sizeable contemporary sofa makes a great show stopper and shows off luxury and class. Earth colors with some golden tones will make a living room feel warm and welcoming, especially if this area main focal point is a fireplace. Other smaller details can include a vintage coffee table, antique lamps and throw pillows. Going floral is another way to go that will complement the pastel colors or a white tone. If you have a vintage piece as your main attraction, make sure to keep the modern decorative pieces low tone.



5. Other areas

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Antique cabinets and wall racks can make your entrance and hallways very welcoming and attractive. If you have a bar area, you can make it look like a gentlemen’s lounge by mixing and matching varies of metallic elements and a darker piece of furniture. Creating such a sleek area can be done through brass decor fixtures, charcoal finished tables, lampshades or metal vases and trays.



6. Smaller items for any room

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Big antique vintage pieces can make quite an impression, but don’t forget to add small decorative touches to finish off the look. Old photo frames can be clustered together on the walls. An enlarged world map can look very vintage in a study for example, and an antique piece of artwork will work wonders at any place in your home. And if you want to add some color to the all-white room, eccentric items in the form of colored glass or an art piece is an excellent choice if kept in good moderation. There are so many old decorative ideas that will go well with your modern style, from big chandeliers, vintage mirrors, throw pillows, floor lamps, rocking chairs and rugs, the options are endless.


Whether you choose to create a vintage room with the touch of modernism or a modern room with a bit of vintage in it, make sure every piece you pick is the one you adore. Sometimes it is best to incorporate sporadic elements to help capture a specific feeling without overdoing it. Most vintage pieces or designs will add a luxurious atmosphere to your home.


Article is written by Matt J.

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