House of Shades

House of Shades

Pendant lights are these days considered as modern feature within one apartment or home or somewhere in restaurants and hotels.  Hanging shade lights installations that twofold as undertaking lighting. Ideal for kitchens, offices or living rooms. These traditional vintage pendant lighting is accessible in a wide assortment of styles and sizes that will look great in any home.

Have a look at these amazing and budget friendly pendant lights for your apartment to live and represent your home just in Style and glamour.

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Cutting edge pendant lights are rapidly getting to be intriguing centerpieces. Aside from offering abundant brightening, they appear to carry some lovely yet contemporary style for any space within your home.

(Interior design, Home renovation Image Source: 9 Creation)

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With an astounding cluster of bird's cage like pendant light arrangements within your kitchen space, the lighting over your kitchen island need not look dull and exhausting any longer. Get these cages and make them part of your kitchen to get pop look.

(Interior design, Home renovation Image Source: Fuse Concepts)

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Utilizing floor lamps is about getting the right harmony between the different components that one uses with different parts of the home. This lavishing vintage style floor lamp is of great look when placed within your living room as it can brings your living room chic and contemporary glance.

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This is something one of a kind and restrictive to this part of the home. The right pendant lights are those that basically mix into the current setting. Sleek and classy pendant lights can bring great look to your dining area with their classy style and shape.

(Interior design, Home renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio)

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There are others that match the metallic tinges of aluminum surfaces and gleaming kitchen and dining area ledges to offer a feeling of congruity. These beam shaped hanging light shades are representing this space just as industrial as we’ve seen in industrial projects by our designers.

(Interior design, Home renovation Image Source: Starry Homestead)

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Amazing street light styled pendant lighting shades is an intriguing and fun approach to include a touch of casual and trendy dining area. Since most contemporary kitchens lean toward a moderate and exceedingly ergonomic design.

(Interior design, Home renovation Image Source: Artelier Concept Pte Ltd)



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