How Kitchens Are Interlinked With Dining Spaces

There are a number of ways that a kitchen area can be interlinked with a dining space. At the end of the day, food is a commonality between both of these spaces. Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can interpret this:


1. From kitchen, to the dining

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The food that is prepared must be close to the place where it is going to be served; this is a very generic and important rule that determines the exact placement of both the kitchen and dining area within your layout. So, when you’re in the final stages of locking down the layout of our home, keep this thought in mind while checking out where the kitchen and the dining are placed.


2. Eat-in or separate?

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With the rising popularity of open floor plans in Singapore, the idea of eat-in kitchens has also gained a lot of momentum. In fact, people love experimenting with different breakfast bars and island ideas. Mostly these are also used for dining purposes and have become an intrinsic part of an open or semi-open kitchen plan. The interlinked purpose of the kitchen and dining truly shines in this capacity.


3. Appliance outside

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Bringing the appliance part of the kitchen and matching it up with the dining area has become a very popular trend these days. It may sound unconventional, but it’s actually pretty ingenious. Keeping the fridge and microwave outside not only keeps it within handy reach of children and older people (both of whom have minimal stake in the functional part of the kitchen) but also makes for an interesting aesthetic when coupled with the dining area.


4. Two-fold

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If you want to have both a kitchen island as well as a formal dining space in your home, then it’s totally fine to go for it. Instead, you have to be very careful about managing the space perfectly. Ask yourself what the island is going to be used for if you’ll have a formal dining area. Also ask yourself this: how are both of these aspects going to interlink with the kitchen?


5. Segregation with connection

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Many homeowners do not wish to visually link their dining areas with the kitchen at all. This is to keep the inevitable clutter within the kitchens out of sight of potential guests. However, you absolutely must retain a connection with the kitchen for functional purposes – just make it as invisible as possible.


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