How To Add Cottage Style To Modern Home

There have been a lot of slick, modern designs that have transfused into the contemporary style aesthetic over the years – sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference between the two styles. As a result, other interior design styles have taken a backseat; especially the ones that boast a more rustic or homely counterparts.

The cottage style is originally inspired by the organic nature of the rustic style. It features a timeworn, charming and a homely charm that never fails to give a cottage-in-the-woods kind of an aura. It’s a beautiful style, and even more so when you blend it with the contemporary style. Further, we’ll take a look at how you can combine the cottage style with the contemporary aesthetic in 5 easy ways.



1. Special focus on the ceiling

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The most obvious characteristic of the cottage style is its ceiling design. Originally, it features a pitched roof with a timber column-beam structure. But since we’re going for a slightly contemporary look, it is best to merge this aesthetic with modern living and spaces. So you can design your ceiling in a way that would feature rustic timber beams. It is the most authentic way to bring the cottage style in your modern homes.




2. Wood accents

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Another obvious characteristic of the cottage style is an emphasis on wooden accents. They’re very rustic in nature and give a very warm, cozy feeling to the overall interior design. you can use them in the furniture, floors and even wardrobe. When blended with the modern counterparts, it looks exceptionally appealing.




3. Traditional offsets

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Brining in a little bit of tradition is always a given to make this cottage style look authentic. You can do so by designing inbuilt features like the wardrobes and showcases in a more classical way – wainscoted door leafs and brushed metal knobs look very trendy. You can even decorate with Afghan area rugs and live edge tables to give an original look.




4. In modern spaces

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You can design modern and efficient spaces like the kitchen in the cottage style in a rather abstract fashion. You can’t go very literal with their designs. Just a hint can be more than enough. So you can use mosaic backsplash in a cottage style theme – beige, tan, brown – and kitchen cabinets with wooden laminates to get the correct vibe.




5. Patterns and tiles

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

You can bring in an eclectic cottage style vibe in your interiors by using patterned tiles that run the gamut of traditional abstract patterns. They should complement the overall color scheme of this style, and can be complemented with great accent lighting.

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