How to choose the perfect lighting for your interiors

How to choose the perfect lighting for your interiors

Lighting is the keystone of any interior design. It determines the ambiance and visual capacity of a space. Without proper lighting your interiors might as well be a washed out image of what they could have been in the first place. So investing in a proper lighting plan is a must for any client if you want a truly stand out interior. However, you also have to know that lighting is not just a simple placing of two or four fixtures in the ceiling. An adequate lighting plan involves intricate layering of various lighting fixtures with a number of intensities. A culmination of all the proper intensities will give you the best interior formation. Below, we’ll be taking a look at a number of lighting styles and their respective counterparts.

  1. Ambient Light

Like the highlight of all make-up is the foundation base, similarly the ambient lighting provides an undertone that is the base for all other light layering. Ambient lighting is evenly spread throughout the room. It is simple and straightforward and is the go-to choice for all functional aspects. It could be played up through accents or decorative lighting.

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  1. Mood Light

Mood lighting is carefully carried out to create a very specific ambiance that sets the tone you want for a particular space. The best example of this is a study nook, where you need a specific sort of lighting which is dim enough to make the mood, but strong enough so you could actually read your books.

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  1. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is not a standalone concept. It is used to accentuate choice pieces inside the interior – a painting, a feature decoration piece or a collection – and is like a very concentrated spotlight of sorts. A good accent lighting can enhance the ambiance of a space while carrying a large ambient weight.

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  1. Specialty Lighting

There are quite a few varieties of specialty lighting techniques. These include laser art, toe-kick lights, LED strip lights, pendent lights and more. This kind of lighting is used to elevate the aesthetic of the space and seems dashing in a dim ambiance.

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  1. Hybrid Lighting

A combination of ambient and decorative lighting, this kind is used both for functional as well as decorative purposes. A good example of this is the zero watt bulb set-up that might seem like a starry night against the right ceiling tone.

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  1. Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting involves an elaborate lighting fixture that may or may not act as the centerpiece for the overall interior design. It cannot, however be carried out as a standalone. This is because decorative lighting does not have a very wide range and will not reach beyond a certain radius.

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