How To Convert Your HDB Into A Lush, Upscale Hotel Suite

HDB flats might have become a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean you can compromise on the aesthetics by going for typical. There are a lot of ways you can convert your tiny flat into something extraordinary. From the color scheme to the lighting and even the general layout can help you set a unique touch in your homes – one that can even make it seem like a luxe, upscale hotel. So further, we’ll take a look at this HDB interior design by Made Artisan and how they managed to make it seem like a posh villa.

1. Don’t shy away from atypical

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Made Artisan

When you’re browsing through social media for your interior design mood board, don’t ever let your mind set constraints. If something feels unique and extraordinary then go for it. Take a look at this beautiful open kitchen layout by Made Artisan; they’ve made the most of a typical open layout by tweaking the details to be unconventional and unique. From the chrome appliances to the backlit window with an epic view of the city scape and even the quirky furniture, every detail works to set this interior design apart.

2. Amazing material integration

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Made Artisan

The materials you use in your interior design can say a lot about what kind of an aesthetic you end up achieving. Sometimes, even the most casual of shabby chic materials can help achieve a posh look while the expensive ones end up looking cheap. The Made Artisan team has used the best possible material choices in this interior design, which makes the ambiance look extremely elegant and sophisticated.


3. Don’t waste your window space

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Made Artisan

The view outside your windows might be the most boring Singapore urban city scape, but you simply cannot underutilize it. It has to be front and center in order for your HDB to emulate that upscale, ritzy hotel suite look. Take a look at the expert way the Made Artisan team has designed the window as an innate part of the interior design. Aside from looking absolutely gorgeous, it also makes the bedroom design look tastefully expensive.


4. A walk-in closet

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Made Artisan

Having a large walk-in closet in Singapore is a totally rarity. So if you can manage to fit one within your HDB interior design, you can totally make your space look the height of posh luxury. It doesn’t have to be large; it just has to be spacious enough to emulate that upscale vibe.

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