How To Create A Home Office Like Apple And Google

Apple has recently mandated that all employees get standing desks. There’s a simple reason why – prolonged sitting is associated with major health problems. A study indicates that an average person spends more than 13 hours a day sitting. While at work, we’re often hunched over the desktop screen, which can result in a series of problems including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, airborne allergies, back pain and eye-strain!

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The thing is, your body was meant to be a vehicle – it was made to stand-up and work, not sit around all day. The dangers of always sitting about not only include health risks, but around 40% more stress on your spinal discs. This is one of the major reasons why the newest survey conducted by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) has declared that 2 in 3 deskers have experienced pain in the last 6 months. From shoulders and wrist to back and neck, these common pain areas are mostly a result of spending more than 5 hours simply sitting at the desk – hunching over, squinting at the desktop, working with a mouse and sitting in an uncomfortable chair.


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The separation between your work and personal life has become ever thinner. You now not only sit the whole day at work, you likely also bring work back home. Such prolonged sitting has resulted in an escalation of sitting diseases. But the thing is, you can drastically increase your health by simply standing when doing your work. Working while standing up can increase productivity by 46% because you instantly feel more alert, 54% reduction in back pain, increases calorie burning by 30% and reduces cancer risks by 40%.


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But no matter how conclusive the results, one factor always sets us back. Do you know what that is? Furniture! The lack of properly designed, ergonomic office furniture has been a huge setback in this strive to deliver a healthier work environment at both large companies and home offices. This is why ErgoEdge has designed a new, user-friendly sit-stand desk that’s going to completely revolutionize the way to tackle your workspace!


The Height Adjustable Standing Desk:

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ErgoEdge’s AmpDesk is a contemporary masterpiece that strives to bring back the physicality in boring work spaces. This desk not only supports good posture, but it has made working from home comfortable! Let’s take a look at all that this innovative desk has to offer!


-          Customizable aesthetics: First of all, this sit-stand desk is fully customizable! Not only can you order it in a number of different color schemes, you can even pick and choose the accessories that go with it!

-          Ergonomic comfort: This work desk has been designed for real human usage, which is why all of its curves and contours are specifically created to accommodate the human body.

-          Memory Controller: This innovative work desk comes with 3 custom pre-sets along with a timer that reminds you to stand. Where else can you find such a smart desk?

-          Large Height Range: From 63cm to 125cm, this sit-stand desk offers varied height range! It’s perfectly suitable for everyone, whether you’re a child or an NBA player!

-          Whisper Motor Technology: The motion noise of the AmpDesk 50db, which basically means that it’s as quiet as a library.

-          Collision Avoidance System: This system allows this desk to avoid all obstructions in the way of lowering and rising, which is great for avoiding all sorts of accidents!

-          Dual Motor Advantage: This feature provides the AmpDesk with enhanced stability, weight capacity and lifting speed. It is also fully covered by warranty.

-          Unrivalled Stability: Typical desktops have trouble with stability, but the AmpDesk comes with a Cross Wedge StabilizerTM which enhances this desks ability to remain stable, sturdy and long-lasting exponentially!

-          Best Tabletop Laminate: And lastly, to ensure maximum strength and durability, this desk comes with an amazing laminate. It is stain, scratch, heat and warp resistant which complements its practicality and affordability.

-          Pair It With an Ergonomic Chair: Having an adjustable standing desk doesn’t mean you stand all day. The key is to find a balance. When you have to sit, use their incredibly comfortable ergonomic chairs that’s designed specifically for standing desks.


Sitting down for a little while is completely unavoidable, but you can definitely make improvements to your work environment with the help of ErgoEdge’s Electric Sit-Stand Desk!

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