How to decorate earthy-neutral interior designs

The earthy-neutral colour palette consists of all shades of browns – espresso, chocolate, taupe, cherry, and more. It’s a very sophisticated colour scheme, but it also has a very charismatic presence. Therefore, you need to carefully accessorise and decorate it. One false move, and you’ll end up with a clashing aesthetic. So, here are 5 ways you can decorate such interior designs:


1. With light-hued furniture

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If your backdrop comprises of earthy browns that have a big presence, then you need to balance out the visuals by furnishing with lighter colours. However, do not stray away from the neutral palette. In fact, use lighter hues from it to complement the browns. Grey is a good option. You can pair it with ivory or frost whites to create a visually dynamic setting.


2. With lots of textures

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Part of accessorizing and décor involves searching for the right textures. You can use plain surfaces as well if you’ve already used textures or complicated patterns in your earthy-neutral backdrop. However, if you haven’t then try emulating classy wood and other sophisticated tactile textures in the foreground. They help create beautiful accents that make the spaces visually appealing.


3. Mirrors and reflections

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Reflective mirrors are a great way to accessorise earthy-neutral homes. Since all shades of brown have such a huge presence, they can seem a bit overwhelming if used in large concentrations. This is why having a feature length reflective mirror as an accessory can help alleviate this tension from the space. Its reflection can even create the illusion of spaciousness.


4. Distressed or live-edge

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Classy distressed or live-edge furniture has a way of emulating any space with unfettered class and grace, but it works even better with earthy-neutral colour schemes. The texture contrast sets off a great mood, and the gorgeous build of such furniture also makes the overall aesthetic look positively charming. You can further embellish with good lighting and statement fixtures.


5. Sheer vs. opaque

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Space Atelier

A combination of sheer and opaque surfaces can make an earthy-neutral interior design quite interesting. Curtains can be used in the sheer category while wallpapers, frosted glass, or even wood can be used in the capacity of opaque. A great blend of both these surfaces can result in a harmonized and visually appealing look.


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