How To Find An Ideal Interior Designer For Yourself

Renovating your home is a Big Deal, and you definitely want to look for a designer who would articulate all of your visions into the perfect dream home. However, finding one can be a challenging task. You should probably start vetting out your top choices around 6-8 months before getting your key. Here’s how you can determine which interior designer would be perfect for you.



1. Picking you top choices

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There is no dearth of interior designers in Singapore – in fact, each company has a number of successful projects under their belt, which is why finding your perfect match can be quite hard. You can start by asking friends and family for recommendations. If you don’t get any, it’s time to break out Google and check out reviews on Facebook pages. Reading through honest user experiences may help you eliminate some candidates and make an initial selection.




2. Match your aesthetics

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One of the foremost things to consider before picking any interior designer is whether their style matches yours or not. There are many instances where the designer’s aesthetic may end up clashing with the clients, so it’s always good to check out some portfolios so you can determine which designer can be flexible about what thing.




3. Matching genres

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This is an especially important point. Every interior designer is a master of their own genre. Some thrive in residential designs while others are better at retail and commercial interiors. So whenever you’re picking a designer, make sure to check out which genre they specialize in. once again, a look through the portfolio can help you determine this.




4. Take a look at your budget

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It’s important to know your budget before you lock down any designer. This is crucial because some designers have a fixed fee that they’d charge for their services. Others may go for an hourly service fee. So looking at this aspect can also help you make narrow down your choices. It’s important not to stretch your bank account too much in this respect. You can even get a quote through Renopedia.




5. Set up meetings

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Setting up initial face-to-face meetings with designers is the last step. You can personally judge each and every one on their helpfulness, attitude and aesthetics. You can even ask a lot of questions, which can help you make the final choice.

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