How To Get A Chic Urban Industrial Look In Your Homes

Love the city life? Want that to show in your homes? Well, nothing can capture the look better than the ‘urban industrial’ aesthetic. It’s sleek, modern, full of contemporary energy and is sophisticated enough to make your ambiance chic and urbanite. If you’re interested, below are 5 ways that you can emulate this theme in your homes:


1. Go with stone textured surfaces

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There’s something very inherently elegant about stone surfaces – especially marbles of all variety – that can help you imbue the right amount of chic in your urban industrial home interior. You can go for authentic stone or quartz surfaces for accent walls, table tops, and countertops or you can use stone textured laminates if your budget is limited.


2. Sleek modern furniture

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Since the furniture is a very apt representation of the type of interior design style you’re emulating in your homes, you’ll have to be very careful about choosing some for your urban industrial look. Sleek, simple, and sophisticated are the terms you’re searching for. Keep things as minimal as possible, and the rest can be classily accented later.


3. Glamorous lighting

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Lighting tends to define the very ambiance you want your space to exude. When it comes to the urban industrial look, you can simply get the best by choosing moody fixtures with glamorous lighting effects. Modern wall sconce lights, sleek metal accented pendent lights, and minimalistic centerpiece chandeliers are all very great choices for this genre.


4. Industrial add-ons

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You can emulate the bolder highlights of the industrial style within this theme. Just ensure that they are moderate enough to complement the urban side. Anything eclectic that you choose from this style needs to supplement the chic elegance of the urban vibe. If you bring too much of the industrial aura, then you’ll start losing the urban ambiance.


5. Sleek surfaces

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space

The best way to counter the industrial aura of such homes is by choosing as many sleek surfaces as possible. They don’t have to be completely blank. They can be textured, but have to maintain that high-gloss vibe that’ll have to balance out the bold industrial elements.


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