How to make the most of your small home with interiors! How to make the most of your small home with interiors!

We live in an era of vertical masses and horizontal urban sprawl. Kent Larson, a famous urbanist, has declared our world an asteroid of architectural garbage. In a way he is correct; the population boom has only led to more atypical advancements in architecture and in turn, interior designing. Real estate is a precious commodity these days, and those who do own a home covet to make it seem more spacious and organized than it is.

Many designers have strived to work on this concept – what to do in order to emulate more glamor and luxury in the small spaces that we have. They’ve come up with many solutions that have become global phenomena’s. These include the concept of an open floor layout, visual transparency and of course compact interior designing. The Arc Define design team understands this concept and how to emulate that within your homes. So below, we’ll be looking at some exceptional ways in which they’ve managed to combine both the functional and aesthetical aspects of a space within a small interior.

  1. great post to read A nicely compact plan

Compact planning is an extremely challenging task to accomplish, especially when you’re working with a predetermined framework of space. However, the Arc Define team has done an amazing job with pulling off a successful plan by engaging in double height spaces and neatly stacked elevations. In the image below, you will notice the step-on-step elevation of the small kitchenette and music area – both have retained their functional integrity while giving off a dually beautiful aesthetic. Interior Design conocer mujeres de nueva zelanda Home Renovation  Image Source:  site de rencontre cybermen Arc Define

  1. Layering the spaces

Hitting that perfect height sweet spot while layering two individual space on top of each other can be quite impossible. But the designers at Arc Define certainly managed to find that perfect compromise which allows the user to fully utilize both the kitchen as well as music area without deeming any of the space redundant. Interior Design Home Renovation Image Source:  Arc Define

  1. Horizontal amalgamation

While vertical amalgamation of spaces is hard, horizontal combinations could be just as creatively daunting. However, these are much more doable than most. The designers have fully utilized the space below while combining the functional aspects of a bedroom-come-study in a creative way. Even though the space is small, the aesthetics and function never fall short of the bets.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Arc Define

  1. Engaging natural lighting

Incorporating natural light is a mainstream but successful way to make small interiors seem more spacious. The designers have respected that age old concept and utilized all natural light to the fullest by designing large, sliding windows that let in an abundance of natural light in the interiors.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Arc Define

  1. Resizing the furniture

If the context of the space is slightly altered – like a kid’s room instead of an adult one – then you can increase the spatial efficiency of the room by resizing the furniture. In the image below, the Arc Define team has expertly resized the furniture to kid size to accommodate more spaciousness within the small space.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Arc Define

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