How To Make Your Homes Casually Modern-Industrial

Modernism and industrial style are very contrasting styles – both of them have juxtaposing features that can be incredibly challenging to merge in a single style. However, if you learn to manage, you’ll get a very unique space that stands out from typical home interior designs. Here are 5 ways you can make your homes casually modern-industrial:


1. Make a light and dark contrast

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The modern style is renowned for being bright and airy with lots of natural light. On the other hand, the industrial style is all about embracing the dark edginess of the machine age. In order to merge the two styles, you need to create the perfect balance of light and dark. You can do that by keeping the dark and bold framing characteristic of the modern style while using lightness to fill out the rest of the space.


2. Furniture and ambiance

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Another way you can merge the modern and industrial style in a single pace is by balancing out the furniture and the ambiance in contrasting manner. If the furniture is chosen to represent the retro vintage aesthetic of the industrial style, then the ambiance needs to be curated in a light-hearted, modern, and highly austere manner.


3. Balancing bold accents

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As many of you already know, the industrial style has bold undercurrents that are usually incorporated in the form of distressed finishes, beautiful black framing, and sometimes even dark furniture upholstery. You need to artfully converge these elements in a modern-style ambiance to get the best blend of both. It can be done by using bold framing against lighter materials, etc.


4. Key notes of both styles

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You may not be aware of this, but every style has its keynotes; highlights that have become representative of this particular aesthetic. For the industrial style, it usually refers to tall barstools or chalkboards. For the modern style, it usually refers to brightly lit rooms and minimalist furniture selection. You can create a great combination of these keynotes to deliver a nice dichotomous aesthetic.


5. Picking your materials carefully

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Modern and industrial style materials walk a very fine line that differentiates them from each other. While modernist materials are all sleek and clean, industrial ones have a raw, distressed appeal. You can use this juxtaposition to your advantage when articulating a combined version of this style – e.g. sleek laminated cabinets against subway tile accent walls, etc.


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