How to Pick the Best Flooring Solution for Homes (1)

Recreating home interiors doesn't always have to be a budget intensive work. A simple rework here and there can make an impressive change to any home interior. And we are talking about upgrading your house flooring. It is a simple step that will remarkably transform your entire look of your home.

Conversely, if you’re on a hunt seeking to create an interior with a Scandinavian look, a very sought-after interior style, there are five things you need to keep in mind. These five things are: simplicity, minimalistic approach, low lights, neutral colours and wood - lots of it.


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Scandinavian interiors prefer a lot of sleek designs, warmest of colours and very natural materials that click instantly without making the look very sterile. Just remember that a simple wooden floor can help you get that exotic Scandinavian touch to your interior.

Coming back to choosing the right flooring options for you house you'll be amazed to know how the market is flooded with options. When you go for a selection do a prior research, have an idea about the kind of flooring you are looking for, otherwise you'll be finding a drop-in ocean.


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The options are limitless and it is more about personal taste than going for anything random. The flooring is basically decided depending upon the function, looks and your lifestyle. Linoleum is a common material of choice, due to its affordability, ease of installation and visual appeal. But what, most homeowners don't know is that vinyl flooring is a very contemporary flooring option and is much much affordable.  It is can also mimic Scandinavian floor look that you want for your interiors.

You will find vinyl flooring, to be more specific the Singapore vinyl flooring to suit not only your budget, but offer rich style that doesn't require great deal of maintenance or juggling with the hassles of cleaning shattered dishes, spills or dust. You could also choose ceramic, wood, cork, and laminate, rubber, concrete, bamboo, and natural stone styled flooring.


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How Simple Flooring Will Enhance any Space to:

  • Simply Revive - Renew and Transform any given space. A simple thing, as changing the flooring can make a drastic impact on the overall appearance of a room, giving it a clean, shiny and well-maintained feel.
  • Flooring upgrades will surly increase the potential value of the property.
  • With the right kind of flooring, you make a space appear larger than its dimension.
  • You can lower down utility bills as carpeting and flooring acts a great insulator, cutting your heating bills. On the other hand if you use a tile it retracts heat and retains cold better which means you'll be also cutting on cooling costs. So make your choice according the climatic conditions of your residing place.
  • With flooring done you will have to maintain less and have more durability. Go for a heavy flooring option for highly trafficked areas and more delicate options in less trafficked areas.


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab


Article is written by Rebecca Dawkins, the Marketing Manager at Malford.com.sg

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