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How to Pick the Best Flooring Solution for Homes (1)

How to Pick the Best Flooring Solution for Homes (2)


6. Stone, Timeless and Organic Beauty

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They not only come in a wide range of choices (granite, slate, marble, travertine, limestone and onyx) but exude raw beauty. Stone tile are sensuously luxurious in style while also being easy to clean, highly long lasting, extremely durable and fire-resistant.



7. Ceramic, very Common and Extremely Durable

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A very common flooring option used in residential homes, Ceramic titles is not only easy to maintain, they are also extremely durable when proper care is taken. They come in all kind of colours, shapes, sizes and designs.

The finishing of ceramic tiles is done with a durable glaze that is gives a beautiful gloss to the floor and is easy to clean. The glaze can be done in high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte formats making the finished floor water-resistant.



8. Vinyl, Resilient Flooring, Hard-Wearing & Long-Lasting Nature

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It is one of the most resilient flooring that is not only low maintenance, but comes in styles that can mimics wood to an indistinguishable extent. The aesthetic appeal of vinyl is unmatchable and the modern photo technology makes it possible for vinyl flooring to don any design, material style, shade and trend.

The demand for vinyl flooring and Singapore vinyl flooring specifically has skyrocketed in recent years and for all the good reason - it is very cost effective, easy to clean and has variety that never ends.




9. Laminate, Budget Friendly and Visually Appealing

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It can precisely duplicate the hardwood look, natural stone and many other types of floorings. This ability of laminate to give an upscale finish in very low budget makes it very popular choice. It can be fitted for almost any subfloor which makes it not very practically handy but a treat for the eyes.




10. Cork, Natural Mediterranean Look, Hypoallergenic & Mold-Mildew resistant


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Cork oak is a native of the Mediterranean region and comes off naturally from the tree every 9 to 15 years. Since no harm is done to the tree and the cork naturally split from it the cork flooring is considered very environmentally-friendly. The biggest plus point in choosing this flooring is its hypoallergenic nature and resistance to mold and mildew.

The air trapped inside the cork cells makes it very soft and excellent for reducing the amount of vibration and noise in the home. Its naturalness and the variations in tones and shades make it a unique pick for flooring.



11. Carpet, exture Savvy and Exhaustive Options

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It is one of the most used flooring choice and still very relevant for most homes. Carpet has six basic styles to choose from: textured, saxony, frieze, cable, looped, and cut and loop. The technology now makes it possible for variations in tones, shades style and texture to blend harmoniously with fibre, evolving the home decor by many points.



Article is written by Rebecca Dawkins, the Marketing Manager at Malford.com.sg

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