How To Spice Up Your Minimalistic Interior Designs

In today’s design world, minimalism is not such a scrupulous concept. Yes, it does have some defining characteristics, but you take a few liberties with the overall design. Simplicity is truly the best design embellishment considering the contemporary sensibilities, but it doesn’t hurt to jazz up this particular style with some personal flair!

So below, we’ll be looking at some great ways you can jazz up your simple interiors in both subtle and bold ways!


1. A plethora of colors

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Areana Creation

The thing about simple interiors is that they are very stringent about theory color schemes. Whites and neutrals are the running theme, which can become a little boring after a while. So how can you maintain that upscale vibe while bringing in a little personality into your interior designs? Easy; just select some chic artwork in vivid colors for your feature wall. it will bring in the requisite amount of character into your space without disrupting the upscale elegance!



2. Crafty materials

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Areana Creation

Another way to blend in some personal flair in your simple interior designs is to become crafty with materials. We’d suggest looking at the several choices of high-gloss laminates available in the market. You can use these to create simple patterns in your feature walls. Even a single horizontal strip in a texture high-gloss sheet would go a long way to add some personality to your minimal interiors!


3. Evergreen wood

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Areana Creation


The evergreen texture of wood is one of the most classic elements you can use in your minimal interior designs. It’s earthy and natural looks can definitely lend some character to your space! But make sure to use it in small, strategic amounts. Too much wooden texture in a modern space can make your interior design seem rustic!



4. A dash of pastels

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Areana Creation


Pastel colors are basically the only color hues that can make any interior seem both vivid as well as soft at the same time. So especially when you’re decorating your minimal interiors, try to go for a color that is both bright, inviting and soft at the same time. A peach bed sheet in your master bedroom amidst an otherwise simple interior décor would look absolutely stunning.



5. Texture and pattern embellishments

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Luxespace


Adding a little bit of texture to your simple designs would go a long way in making them seem quite interesting. But here’s the tricky part; make your patterns simple to go with the overall theme of the design. You cannot design a minimal interior design featuring Islamic geometric patterns on the carpet. Plaids and checks on the other hand are very welcome!

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