How To Translate The Neo-Classical Style In Colourful Tones

The neo-classical style is a fan favorite in Singapore. Its soft elegance and sleek sophistication has drawn a large amount of interest from homeowners all over the island, but many fail to take creative liberty with it. This style is a great mix of contemporary aesthetic mixed with classical design elements, but now you can make it even more eye-catching by adding colourful accents. Here’s how:


1. Isolate a feature wall

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

The neo-classical style largely features smaller versions of the timeless classical design elements such as egg-and-dart, Greek key, wainscoting, friezes, and more. In the midst of such glamour, you can be a little eclectic by creating a bold-coloured accent wall. Take a look at this image – the electric blue media wall is beautifully balanced by the sophisticated whites of the surroundings.


2. Leather and wood

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

The neo-classical style, as a rule, is generally articulated in whites and other understated colours. This is so that its grandeur does not become too overwhelming for such small spaces. However, you can add contrast by using textures and unique fabrics. If you take a look at this living room interior design, you’ll notice how the plushness of the leather and the wooden shelf finish complements the whole white aesthetic beautifully.


3. Contemporary interventions

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

Textures and fabrics are not the only way that you can add colourful tones to your neo-classical home interiors. You can use contemporary interventions such as gallery walls and other forms of artwork to introduce multicoloured accents. The asymmetrically arranged gallery wall with its colourful images in this living room has been artfully arranged between the wall-beading and complements the theme really well.


4. Add a statement element

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

Don’t hold yourself back on the colours for fear that you’ll make your neo-classical theme unconventional – that’s the best form you can go for! A statement wall décor element – especially a large painting – is an excellent way to add a splash of eclectic to the whole mix. The red-hued piece featured in this image is an excellent example on how you can do so.


5. Material accents

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

Material accents look their best in a neo-classical ambiance when they match the tone of the classical elements but also have a contemporary touch. The stunning marble textured backsplash in this image is an awesome example of just what such type of a material contrast can be.


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