How wooden floors can counterbalance the coldness of modern interiors

Modern interiors are known for their sleek simplicity and very austere aesthetics. This basically means that they can be hard to get used to and feel very cold at first. This is why using wooden floors and textures in such spaces have become such a norm. If you’re having second thoughts about installing wood textured floors in your modern homes, then here are 5 reasons that you absolutely should:


1. Natural tones and harmony

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In the midst of all this minimal glamor and focus on cool colours, people have forgotten that modernism was at first all about embracing the nature. So if your main worry is that you’ll undermine the originality of your modern spaces, then you can definitely rest easy. Going for wooden floors is only going to enhance the warm look of your modern interiors.


2. Perfect for adding charisma

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Wooden floors of all types have a very large presence within any space. This is why they can emulate a large amount of charisma in any modern space. You can even experiment with all the different textures and styles of wood textures. If affordability is a problem for you then there are a lot of other options that like vinyl, laminates, and tiles that you can check out as well.


3. Classic like Fallingwater

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The Falling-water was Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous modern residence design, and it is chock full of wooden and stone features. It’s also a very iconic building, so going for wood textured floors can help you get in touch with that kind of an aesthetics. You can layer it up with modern features like sleek furniture, large windows and more.


4. General sense of comfort

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Typically, a modern style interior design can seem very futuristic and uncomfortable to live in. but if you keep all of the shiny accessories, and just opt for the wooden floors, you’ll automatically get a sense of warmth and coziness. You’ll feel comfortable and at ease, which is what most homes should actually feel like.


5. To add contrast

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Lastly, and more than anything else, wood textured floors can add a very comfortable contrast to an otherwise frigid-looking modern space. You don’t even have to go all out and choose it for all parts of your home. You can actually mix and match it with tiles or different varieties to get a more diverse effect.


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