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What would you do if you woke up one day and there was no Internet? Let’s admit it, the Wi-Fi technology has changed the world a lot, and all we want is rapid internet connection! There is probably no easier way to get everyone’s attention under one roof than to disconnect the Wi-Fi.


1. Is one router enough to cover the entire house? Are there any situations that one router does not work? In what other situations require specialized Wi-Fi solutions?

Even the best routers will not be able to support the Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire house. For example, if you live in a large house or you are renting one, and you are unable to modify the setups at home, you’ll notice that a single router can never provide enough signal coverage for the entire home.



2. I want maximum Wi-Fi coverage, but I do not want cabling. What are my options?

You can do that by using Mesh technology. For this, you’ll require an additional power point at each location you want to install a Mesh unit. It extends Wi-Fi coverage so you don’t have to worry about dead spots.


3. What’s mesh technology and how can I use it to get a faster internet?

If you find that your Wi-Fi signal is perpetually poor no matter how you try to fix it, then it’s time to try the ‘Mesh.’ The mesh technology allows you to set up a number of routers throughout your house. This amplifies the Wi-Fi signal exponentially so that you get a better and a more accommodating internet speed.


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4. What are dead spots and how can I fix them?

Dead spots are asymmetrical areas in your home where the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t get properly dispersed. As a result, you end up experiencing slow internet speeds. These are usually small alcoves and nooks with a lot of barriers that absorb the Wi-Fi signal before it reaches its destination. You can fix up these dead spots by using the Mesh technology in order to get high-speed internet.


5. How can I ensure all family members get good internet access if I have 1 or 2 heavy bandwidth users at home?


If you share internet with a family member who requires dedicated internet and large amounts of band width, then you should go for Dual Fibre internet plan. Dual Fibre will be able to provide one dedicated landline to heavy bandwidth users and the other line may be shared with the rest of the members in the family.


At the same time, Dual Fibre can be used to provide internet connection to the different levels of the house. If cabling is not an issue or you already have data points installed, you may consider the following Dual Fibre plans.


If there is more than one user in the house who is a Gamer, you may want to look at the awesome Dual Gamer Fibre broadband plans.


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6. Why should I choose MyRepublic to solve my Wi-Fi problems?

MyRepublic is a renowned telecommunication company that offers the best internet deals all over Singapore. We can set up your TP, provide and install the Optical Network Terminal when they connect your broadband services.


Besides, we offer better quality internet connection as we are the number one on stream downloads and Netflix streaming. We also provide solutions to most of your Wi-Fi problems; for instance, we have products such as the Wi-Fi Mesh, Dual Fibre and cabling with free site survey as specialized solutions for any type of Wi-Fi issues.

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