If You Want To Renovate Within Your Budget, You Should Read This

Most of the renovation in Singapore can cost you a pretty amount, and most people have no idea that they can use some clever hacks and ideas to cut that budget down. There are actually a lot of ways you can save up on your renovation without actually cutting edges on the actual project, and today we’ll be sharing 5 major ones.



1. Cut down the recessed lighting

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When you use a lot of recessed lighting in your interior designs, you’re actually investing a lot on the in-built parts of your renovation. It takes a lot of materials along with very precise labor to install excellent recessed lighting paraphernalia in your homes. So it’s definitely recommended that you choose as little of this design hack as possible in order to cut down on your renovation budget.



2. Don’t damage the structure

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Damaging the structure is the worst thing that can happen during your renovation. It’s been listed again and again in the official guidelines to not damage the existing structural formations of the building during a renovation. Unfortunately, if it happens, you’d have to hire a qualified person to carry out rectifications, which can end up busting your budget.


3. Don’t change utility points

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Utility points include electrical switches/sockets, plumbing and sanitation points. You have to make sure to never relocate these during your renovation. It has even been listed in the HDB guidelines to not mess with the existing plumbing and sanitation points in your bathrooms during any renovation process.



4. Shop affordable

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There is literally no need for you to shop a million bucks for your new home. You can easily find all that you need at a reasonable price. You can even shop online on sites like ezbuy to find all that you need at an affordable and reasonable price. This can definitely help you keep your budget in check.



5. Invest in open spaces

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Open spaces means that you won’t have to invest a lot in the construction of new walls. You’ll simply have to make the most of the existing wall-structure instead. It’s a great way to cut down on your budget and make your homes trendy at the same time.

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