Improving The Feng Shui Of Your Dining Room

A dining table is at the center of family life. It is an area where conversations and gathering happen over good food. However, in today’s modern Singaporean home, dining together as a family has become a rare and luxury occasion as we are constantly occupied with work commitments, meetings or other activities. With the introduction of technology and social media, the good old traditional ways of quality time and dining together is slowly deteriorating.

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We all wish to have a harmonious family with a stable career. Dining with our family should be an ease and not a hassle. There are myths about how a dining table can affect a family’s abundance. For example, having a glass or metal dining table will cause bad luck. Or perhaps, if your dining table has sharp edges, it will cause negative energy in the space.

Let’s be practical, the sizes of our homes are getting smaller and smaller, and it is almost impractical to place a round dining table in the center of a room. However, we can always improvise with some of these useful tips:

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When it comes to choosing the right dining table for your home, the most important quality to take note off would be the material of the table. A substantial dining table can be made out of many types of materials and shapes, however, most importantly it has to be heavy and solid. What do we suggest? Wood of course! Not only does it look visually aesthetic in your home, Chinese believe that wood has roots. This would increase the chances of family gathering and dining together, keeping everyone grounded and in the moment during the meal.

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Also, the dining table is a place where we have our meals and not a place where you should place your medicine or other miscellaneous items. It is believed that the dining table is a symbol of our working platform hence, with a solid dining table, it will improve our career. Therefore, you would not want to treat medication as a staple in your diet, would you?

These are some points to take note off when choosing the best dining table to make your home a happier, harmonized and appealing space! Home is where the heart is, if it reflects negative energy, it will reflect on the life of its occupants. A family that eats together, stays together.

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