Ingredients to designing a perfect bedroom interior design

There are a lot of stars that need to align when you’re designing the perfect bedroom. It needs to be cozy, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. Sounds challenging, right? Well, here’s how you can get it right:


1. A good layout

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One thing that you always need to be careful about in the design of a bedroom is the layout. It can definitely make or break the ambiance. You need to determine where to place the bed according to the size of the space – centralised if its big, sidelined if its small. Then you need to determine what extra accoutrements you need, and whether they have to be in-built or not. Lastly, the placement of the accessories and windows is also a must.


2. Window designs

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A cursory search on the internet can tell you that there are a lot of window styles out there, and your bedroom could do with an innovative one. Simple rectangular portals can be boring, so you can spice it up with an L-shaped formation, opt for customised grills, and even go for unique window treatments for the best effect on your bedroom ambiance.


3. Accessorise with hobbies & essentials

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Here’s the thing; your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. Therefore, it’s not okay to embellish it with impersonal and simply decorative items. Instead, you can take inspiration from your everyday needs, your hobbies, your like and dislikes to accessorise with passion. An alarm clock, a cluster of papers and sketchbooks, novels, and the like are good options to get yourself started.


4. Transparency or not

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You can tweak the layout of your bedrooms by deciding whether to go for transparency or not. Most small bedrooms can do with a bit of see-through elements as it can alleviate the sense of narrowness in the space. However, transparency can look good in large bedrooms as well – especially when it is complemented with good framing and a nice backdrop.


5. Some extra storage space

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If everyone can agree on one fact, that would be the need for some extra space in all bedrooms. We’ve all has that one chair where we pile up clothes that are too clean for the washer and too dirty for the wardrobe. Similarly, we’ve all had a plethora of everyday objects that we just don’t know where to stow away. In such cases, having a little extra storage can only be an added benefit.


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