Innovative dining area inspirations

Did you know that there are a ton of innovative ways in which you could set up your dining room designs? Well, there are; from open floors to outdoors to optimized small spaces and mismatched furniture, here’s your guide to some innovative dining area inspirations:


1. A day outdoors

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If you’ve got either a terrace, balcony, or even a small porch in your homes, then this dining area inspiration is going to be ideal for you. You can use the backdrop wall to create a nice atmosphere – you can hang ivy, creepers, go for tall planters, and even embellish it all with fairy lights. In front of this statement outdoor wall, you can arrange your dining room set. It’ll definitely help you get the ambiance right.


2. Pendent drops

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Honestly, there is nothing more timeless in the dining area design genre than the tried and true ‘pendent drop’ aesthetic. It works because it allows you to individualize the dining zone without setting up physical barriers around the furniture itself. Moreover, you can even experiment with all the different types of pendent lights until you find the one that matches the ambiance perfectly.


3. Mismatched furnishings

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Playing with your dining set furniture can give you an eclectic aura. This usually happens when you combine mismatched furniture choices and arrange them together in a holistic fashion. You can pair up picnic benches, tall chairs, delicate tables, etc. This setting works especially well in contemporary interior designs with open floor plans where the dining area needs to stand out on its own.


4. Using abstract spaces

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Often times, it can be quite challenging to find that perfect spot for your dining area in an open floor plan. When this happens, you can play the odds in your favor by selecting a circular dining table. They help make sense of the abstract space by giving it a fluid identity. Plus it takes up relatively lesser room, so you can still make the most of your circulation area.


5. Wall-to-wall

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Carpenters

You can even utilize your accent living room wall to its fullest by arranging a dining area on it. This may not see like an ideal solution, but when you’re short on space, unorthodox ideas like this can give your homes a statement worthy edge. You can embellish with reflective glass, pick simple furniture, and properly contrast the dining layout with the media wall materials for the best effect.


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