Innovative Technologies From Hansgrohe Based In Black Forest, Germany

Hansgrohe is one of the leading global manufacturers in the bathroom fittings industry. They offer great innovative design; which makes them aesthetically and physically long lasting – a firm investment in your contemporary home. Aside from the physical attributes that set Hansgrohe products apart, the company offers a unique range of technologies in their products. This technological advancement makes Hansgrohe an exclusive member of the kitchen and bathroom design markets. These technologies are upscale, green and offer uniquely personalized experience with Hansgrohe’s products. Below, we’ll be taking a look at each of their technologically advanced lines.


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Hansgrohe



1. Select Technology


They were one of the first few companies in the market to introduce the aspect of ‘smart touch’ in their bathroom fittings. At Hansgrohe, design and maximum functionality go hand in hand, and they design products which make the bathroom a more attractive and comfortable place on a daily basis, and which will continue to bring pleasure well into the future. Technology has indeed become an intricate and inseparable part of our lives – it has become almost second nature for us to constantly press buttons in our homes – to switch on lights, turn on the TV or to make coffee.

Consumers are also looking for convenience, simplicity and comfort when they choose a bathroom product – this explains why hansgrohe products featuring their innovative Select technology have been very well-received by users who enjoy selecting their shower pleasure at the intuitive and easy click of the Select button.

Hansgrohe’s incorporation of the intuitive Select technology in our latest bathroom products, such as the award-winning Raindance Select handshowers and Talis Select basin mixers. While making the individual water experience very intuitive and easy-to-use, the Select technology is surprisingly an innovative technology that is purely mechanical – no electronics is involved. For instance, with the Talis Select basin mixers, no electricity or other devices are required in the base cabinet, making it extremely convenient and hassle-free for home owners.

Meanwhile, for the Raindance Select handshowers, a simple click of the Select button allows you to select different spray modes: Rain, RainAir or WhirlAir sprays – absolutely easy to use and exceptionally appealing to the eye.


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Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Hansgrohe


2. The EcoSmart Water Saver

Long before Green Technology became the buzzword, Hansgrohe was already known as a green champion. Since the 1980s, the Black Forest bathroom specialist has been developing more and more products that save water and energy. Moreover, this industry pioneer is treading the path of sustainability in all areas of business, and setting standards with its environmentally friendly concepts

In terms of Green technology, Hansgrohe has incorporated this technology into many of their productswhich limits the water usage by up to 60% with the help of sophisticated flow limitation. These products have a ‘precision O-ring’ that reacts to water pressure in a flexible way, so no matter how much water you use, it will always limit that amount by a certain fraction.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Hansgrohe


3. QuickClean: Anti-Lime Scale Function

When shower products come into regular contact with water, limescale can quickly accumulate on their surfaces., Hansgrohe has come up with its QuickClean technology. With this technology, you can clean off lime residues instantly. Hansgrohe has fitted their products with elastic silicone nubs, which makes it easier to rub off the lime residues. Instead of scrubbing viciously, all you need to do now is rub lightly. This ensures a better shower spray, a uniform water flow in the mixers and a longer product life.

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Hansgrohe


4. iBox Universal: Concealed Installation

The iBox Universal technology tackles the aesthetic aspect of Hansgrohe’s bathroom line. A concealed pipeline and backdrop functional set can affect the aesthetics of the bathroom space, so Hansgroe has come up with the concealed installation solution which hides all the unsavory parts of the bathroom accessories and focuses on enhancing the visual design of your bathroom.

Moreover, the iBox universal makes renovations easier: the basic set, which is installed in the wall, is compatible with almost all AXOR and hansgrohe concealed products and makes replacement of the control units really easy: the iBox universal is simply “One fits all”. In keeping with the “One fits all” motto, a variety of pre-fab sets and applications are available for use with the iBox universal. Thanks to the modular principle, professional plumbers today are able to use the same base unit for more than 200 Axor and Hansgrohe fittings. In addition to thermostats, and shower and bathtub mixers, the practical multi-functional box is also the basic installation component for the multi-spray overhead showers of the Hansgrohe shower collection.

Private building owners and bathroom renovators can therefore enjoy planning flexibility: install the iBox universal basic set today and select the mixer design or a multi-jet overhead shower to combine it with later on, in your own time. Based on the iBox universal, an existing application can even be adapted to changing requirements. The flexible concealed installation technology prevents the wall from having to be chiselled out again later.


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Hansgrohe

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