Innovative Ways To Carry Out A Classic Wood-And-White Theme

There are some interior design themes that are known as ‘classics.’ But even though they are absolutely timeless, you need to find newer and more innovative ways to use them in your homes, or they end up losing their charm. The wood-and-white theme is one of them. It’s gorgeous and goes well with contemporary themes, so here are 5 innovative ways to carry it out in your homes:


1. When the neutral mix and match

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Usually, the wood-and-white theme is carried out as a single, solitary concept of its own in a home without any other external intervention. But you can certainly use it in tandem with other colours – the catch is that they have to be neutral


2. Planks and texture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Forefront Interior

The clean and minimalistic effect of wooden surfaces is a modern dream, but you can use it in the form of planks to emulate a rusticated effect that can be complemented with a gorgeous minimalistic theme really well. You can even use lighting and gold furniture accents to add more charisma, contrast, and innovation to a setting of this variety.


3. Why go for typical white

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Zenith Arc

One of the reasons why the wood-and-white theme can become underrated is that people take the ‘white’ part of this combination very literally. While plain whites work really well with wood, you can certainly articulate them with the help of some classy textures to get a more gorgeous outlook. Marble, engineered quartz, corian, and other stone surfaces/laminates in beautiful textures are your best bet.


4. Experimenting with wooden textures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rhiss Interior

Just like the ‘white’ half of the wood-and-white duo, you can also experiment with the wooden aspect as well for a more innovative effect. There are so many textures of wood available in the market in so many materials these days. You can certainly pick your choice – dark, light, medium, or distressed – in accordance with the kind of aesthetic you’re going for!


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