Inspire Your Interior Designer With These Amazing Living Room Ideas

Have you ever just looked at a certain interior design image and went all: “THIS! I want to do THIS when I get my own home!”

It seems like we’ve all been there and done that. Picture perfect magazine spreads are the ultimate inspiration for such thoughts, but the designers of Singapore are way ahead in the game. They’re experts at coming up with amazing designs that’ll speak to your own inner interior designer. So here are some amazing living room ideas that’ll make you want to get up and start your renovation mood board right this second!




1. Understated moodiness

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: i-Bridge Design

This living room design is unique because of its distinct color scheme and material palate. The undertones of lavender introduce a sense of whimsy while the greys and beiges provide an earthy edge to the while design. Moreover, it’s the amazing selection of accessories that gives the whole space a chic, designer look that’ll have you absolutely loving it!




2. Industrial retro

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: i-Bridge Design

Part industrial and part retro, this living room features some amazing pops of bold colors, creative artwork and some industrial chic design elements that make the whole space look positively glam! This one will have you wanting to curate awesome artwork so you can already plan where you want to feature which image!




3. Fully contemporary

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: i-Bridge Design

This living room features a contemporary theme mixed with eclectic tones. The combination of sleek modern touches is perfectly countered by the beautiful rattan style furniture, plush area rug, sofa throws and pillow. Looking at this is going to make you want to hoard vintage accessories so that you can dress your homes to the nines when you finally get the keys.




4. Classily decadent

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: i-Bridge Design

Dark, moody and attractive, the major charm of this living room interior design comes from its trendy furnishings and stylish accessorizing. The tuft form of the sofa is perfect for bringing out the decadent side of the whole ambiance, and would have you searching online for the perfect sectional for hours!




5. Focal points

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: i-Bridge Design

This beautiful living room looks straight out of a magazine spread. It’s creative color palate and material transition looks phenomenal, but it is the accent light fixtures that provides it an extra edge. You’ll definitely find yourself searching for all the latest-greatest chandeliers on the internet after looking at it!

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