Interior Design Inspirations For Those With Intellectual Tastes

Are you a book collector? A connoisseur of fine literature? Or do you simply have lots of work related books that you need an adequate storage for? No matter what, books are the face of intellectuality and now you can make them a permanent part of your home interiors by designing amazing bookshelves and studies. Today we’ll be featuring interior design inspirations for those with intellectual tastes. Let’s take a look!


1. The feature wall bookcase

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If you’re the kind of person who loves showcasing their books then you’ll definitely be interested in the feature wall bookcase. Such selves usually span from the floor to the ceiling and tend to be the focal point of any space. You need to have an enormous book collection to fill these up. You can also use books and decorative baubles on alternative shelves to personalize the whole look!


 2. Room span

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Carpenters

Bookcases that span an entire wall of a room are a step above feature length. They make for great accent walls but you have to be very considerate about the kind of space you have. If you go for such a bookcase in an overly small room, it may not look very appealing. So, make sure that your study or home office is mid-sized or large enough to be able to fully accommodate this type of an aesthetic.


 3. The cabinet style

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Alternating cabinets and open shelves on your bookcase is a great idea to design functional yet visually appealing intellectual spaces. The cabinets provide a great opportunity to stow away the unpleasant visual clutter while the open shelves can be used to display your most beloved accessories and books!


 4. Glass encased

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If you’re the kind of homeowner who can’t really spare the time to do extensive cleaning, then here’s a good idea for you; why not opt for glass encased bookcases? They’re highly stylish, beautiful to look at, and keep all your books and trinkets firmly encased behind a protective sheen of glass. Moreover, you can even customize their designs for a full effect!


 5. Go small scale

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Living Creator Pte Ltd

If feature length and customized bookcases are out of your budget at the moment, then don’t worry – we’ve got a small-scale solution for you. Instead of large ones, you can simply opt for a small bookshelf situated above your study nook. You can even buy them readymade from a home décor store near your home.

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