Kick-Start Your Post Renovation Cleaning With These 5 Pro-Tips

Renovation is an inherently messy process and no matter how much you try to keep up with the cleaning during the process, there are always going to be a few things you’ll need to take care of later. While contractors are usually good about clearing out the big stuff – debris, leftover materials, etc. – after the works have been completed, here’s how you can go full-out with your post-renovation clean-up.




1. Fresh air is always the best

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Since your home has been freshly made up, it’s going to smell a little wonky. There’s going to be sawdust in the air and the fresh paint fumes are going to be killer. That squeaky clean smell of new construction is going to haunt you for a while, so the first thing you need to do is let in some fresh air. Open your windows, let it ventilates so that new air can circulate in. It’s the fastest way to get things normal inside.




2. A gentle scrub and dusting

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So you might want to do some gentle scrubbing on some surfaces in your newly minted homes. This is because occasionally there might be a few stains and imprints that might be left on your glossy laminates or floors, but they’re nothing to get strung up about. Just a simple cleaning regimen can restore things to good as new.




3. Sweep it out

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After all renovation projects, there’s always going to be a few lingering motes of dust lying around, so you need to conduct a thorough dusting and sweep of your entire home. It’s best if you start with tall surfaces and go last for the floors so you won’t accumulate any extra dust. Otherwise you’ll end up doing double the work.




4. Wipe it down

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There are some surface that you’ll need to wipe down before your break out the mops and water buckets. These include glass, so if you have any large-scale glass surface in your new interior designs, then you need to get some Windex and a clean cloth to get them squeaky clean once more.




5. Mop it up

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This is the last stage when you bring out the big guns. You can either opt for a simple mop or a microfiber cloth for this one. You’ll need to add some mild disinfectant to your water to truly get the last of those pesky dirt motes out of your home, after which it’ll be all good as new.


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