Knowing Your Security – The Digital Door Lock System

Security is a very vital aspect of today’s society. With a rising statistics of breaking and entering, along with an alarming rise in burglaries, having a safe residential setting as become a key priority for many. Embracing this mindset, there has been a definite advent in technological advancements when it comes to digital security systems and many companies have been investing in developing the best digital lock systems to protect and ensure safety within society. Having a reliable digital lock system has become a sort of ‘must have’, not only to ensure a safe residence, it is also crucial in determining the right choice in home ownership.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Häfele’s EL-9000 TCS

Keeping up with this ever-rising trend, Häfele has come up with a great range of digital door lock systems that offer the best security while keeping it real with the style. While the physical appearance of such a pragmatic product may not be a priority, Häfele’s electronic locks have this compact, edgy design that is lean and elegant and offers the best aesthetics when it comes to door designing. This designation of both functional and aesthetic compatibility is what makes Hafele one of the leading companies in this particular market.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Häfele’s EL-8000 TC

Physique and Features

The electronic locks manufactured by Häfele come in a wide variety and differ in physique, coding and auto functions. There are a number of features in each individual system that make it unique to the customers’ sensibilities and may or may not include:

  • Front and rear modules for a wholesome aesthetic
  • A mortise lock and striking plate
  • Eight pieces of batteries
  • Several mechanical keys
  • Fixing materials and a user manual

With these key features as the face of the electronic lock, Häfele has managed to create a variety of products that are ergonomic, efficient and definitely trustworthy.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Hafele’s EL-8000 TC

Key Features

While most features differ in every electronic lock piece, there are some that are universal in every Häfele product. These make for an interactive user interface and an easy maintenance design along with a long list of other features that may or may not include:

  • Volume control functions for better digital interaction with the user
  • A front and rear module design that varies in dimension from design to design
  • A movement indicator in 8 different colors
  • An auto locking and relocking function
  • Movement indicating sound system
  • A low battery warning function
  • A secret code back up function
  • Power saving mode for every design
  • A safety design against fire hazards
  • An intrusion warning system
  • A double locking mechanism

Now all of these features present an exceptionally designed and secure electronic digital lock system that is user friendly and comes with exceptional aesthetics.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Hafele’s ER-4800 TC

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