Less Is More! 5 Useful Tips To Add A True Minimalistic Vibe To Your Home

The minimalistic style teaches you to let go of all the unnecessary things that are occupying your space in order to get a clean, clear and fully coherent interior space. It encourages to get rid of all visual and physical clutter to ensure mental peace. But most of all, it has the ability to make even the smallest of spaces look absolutely stunning and sophisticated. This is why residents of Singapore have fallen in love with this aesthetic, and today we will be sharing 5 tips for you to emulate a true minimalistic vibe to your home.


1. Showcase the guts

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Electrical wiring makes up the veins of your home interior design. Most of the time, they’re not visible, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. You can use piping for the electrical wire as a part of the minimal style in your interior design. This way, you’re featuring the natural parts of your building as a design element of sorts.



2. Homogenous floor design

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A homogenous floor – meaning that all the different zones of a home feature the same floor pattern and texture – is a great way to strengthen the aesthetic of your minimalistic style interior design. It creates a very smooth, wholesome effect that makes your space look elegant and cohesive.



3. Matt & Gloss

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Calculating the correct ratio of matt and gloss surfaces is one of the most challenging factor in designing the perfect minimalistic home. High gloss surfaces tend to look very glitzy, which is not an inherent part of the minimalistic style. On the other hand, if the matt surfaces are larger in ratio, then you can get a chic and austere minimal style interior design all at once.



4. Being sparse

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Being sparse with your furnishings and décor is a major part of the minimal style. You cannot have elaborate furniture and lots of decorative trinkets if you want to emulate this style in your homes. Clean, simple and plain furnishings along with sparse decorative elements are what give the minimal style a panache. You should go for the plainest things when you’re working with this style.



5. Lighting for decor

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Lighting is the best option to create decorative accents in your interior design when you’re working with the minimalistic style. It’s simple, its intangible and it has a great impact, especially when you know what kind of lighting has the best visual results for a specific space.

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