Less is More – The Ideology of Modernism

Less is More – The Ideology of Modernism

Modernism movement was a game changer when it was first introduced. Tired of the heavy ornamentation and baroque schemes of regular architectural formations, it was a wave against the florid ostentatiousness of the classical and traditional movements of the past. It set itself apart in the most ingenious of ways; by being the complete opposite of what was the societal norm of that era. it was a cultural, architectural and artistic reform of an era where gothic articulation was a standardized institution. In such a society, the simple, standardized beauty of the modern style was a breath of fresh air.

It was Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the principle architects of this movement, who said, ‘less is more.’ And when it comes down to the basic core of the modern movement, this statement is definitely the one that sums it all up in an eloquent but short phrase. Modern interior design was characterized by a simple, open plan with minimal or no embellishment at all. The structure was to be an element of showcase, and the color scheme needs to be achromatic or monochromatic at worst – and dual at best. The integration of indoor and outdoor spaces was firmly believed in, while natural light was an inherent part of the design. The ideology of modernism is like a firm dictator – one that is severe, austere and stark; but its discipline is what sets it apart from the rest.

The less, the more

This interior scheme may not have much in terms of product of fixture design, but it has some of the very core characteristics of the modern movement. This interior makes its structure an integral part of its design. The raw wooden columns and beams may not have been aesthetically savory, but they sure make for a great composition in modern design and style. The color scheme is simple, and the material palate is elementary enough to be a standardized scheme. Overall, this interior embraces modernism quite well.

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Swanky Reform

When it comes to defining the modern aesthetic, there is no one idea that can conform to all its rules. Here is a modern interior that is glitzy and glamorous without being overly showy at all. It is the lighting and material palate that actually bring out the glamor of this design. The red leather couches combined with the unadorned sheen of the floor make for a beautiful amalgam.

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(Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: reztnrelax Interior)


Sometimes, modernism tends to be just a little bit rigid. If you start confining this aesthetic in squares and rectangles then you’ll find yourself with a space that is simply a box. That is not however a bad thing. The white lamination of this design combined with the dark brown texture of wood is a testament to that. This design takes on simple, and makes it into an alluring aesthetic that is neither elaborate, nor fancy – just beautiful in its simplicity.

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(Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: reztnrelax Interior)



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