Let’s Find Out What Type Of A Homeowner You Are

The process of renovation is a two-way street – every homeowner needs to be in perfect sync with their interior designer to get the best results. But while most interior designers are used to working with a number of homeowner personalities, it’s always good to know what end of the spectrum you lie on yourself. So today, we’ve compiled 5 kinds of homeowner personas that designers usually work with, so you can see where you fit the bill!



1. Dominating

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Ideas, ideas, so many ideas – if you’re a homeowner with a dominating personality, chances are that you have too many ideas that you want to implement in your home. You’re opinionated and want your home to emulate a bold, outspoken design that puts the idea of simplicity to shame. In such a case, it’s best to create an large mood board and have extensive discussions with your designer about how you can achieve that!




2. Hot and cold

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You’re mostly alright with whatever the designer recommends, but once in a while, inspiration strikes, an awesome idea comes to mind, and you decide that you just have to have a certain thing in your new home! If that’s the case, then its best that you first research the feasibility of your idea, make sure that it abides by the Housing Board guidelines and consult with your designer accordingly!




3. Latent

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You’re the kind of laid back home owner every interior designer’s dreams are made of. You’re always okay with whatever the designer suggests and trust them implicitly. However, it’s important to note that it’s not the designer who’d going to live in your home, so some feedback or ideas once in a while are definitely recommended.




4. Indecisive

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You’re the kind of homeowner who has trouble locking down design ideas. You keep finding newer, better ideas to dress your home with, and it never allows you to satisfied with one thing. If that’s the case, then you need to focus on two things – your needs and your budget. Both of these aspects are definitely going to help you tone down on your indecisiveness by narrowing down the scope of things that you can afford and need.




5. Overexcited

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You’re the kind of homeowner who starts planning on the renovation the moment that application is accepted. However, you need to learn the art of being patient, because it’s going to take a while for you to get that home, and trends can be pretty fleeting. So keep your mind open and start making an idea book in the mean while.

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