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Smart technology is definitely not a myth anymore. Almost all persons on the planet can relate to the burgeoning futuristic qualities of the technology of this new, contemporary global world. From the integration of smart home systems, HVAC to individualized smart accessories, most technological aspects can be delegated to computerized systems. Of all of these aspects, lighting may be one of the most interesting technological products. Not only can proper artificial lighting effects the electricity bill, they also define the desired ambiance of a space. A smart choice in your LED lighting system can benefit your electrical bill woes as create an amazing ambiance all in one go.

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The essence of light is such an inherent part of our daily lives, which it can end up defining the very quality of the space that we reside in – a literal fourth dimension within the bounds of reality. Similarly, lighting fixtures can either be a part of our interior designing, or they can stand out as garish features. Together, these two salient features can determine the actual quality of your space. Today, we will be learning about Loox, Häfele’s smart lighting technology that is slowly dominating the worldwide market.

Loox LED System

Since lighting is a definite design foray into the fourth dimension, the play with light and shadows needs a diverse variety of actual lighting fixtures. Due to the low heat development, small size of the actual fixtures and a long lifespan, LED lights are a perfect device for interior designing. Häfele’s Loox LED lighting system has been engineered to provide aesthetic and functional epitome to an ambiance for any and all spatial compatibility and is surprisingly easy to actually use.


Häfele has designed Loox to be flexible enough for both the user as well as the installer. It consists of various components – such as lights and switches – that can be customized to fit the needs to a space and design. Designed around a plug in system with a clear color coded marking, the Loox connects all of these elements with a compact driver. These can be retrofitted for a small space, or a large one depending on the number of drivers. Flexibility aside, the Loox comes with quality components that are resilient and long-lasting.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Häfele

Light and Functionality

Lighting design is a vast field, one that may come with a variety of installations given the mood and ambiance of a space. To create the desired effect, you need to know all the fixtures available in the market. With Loox, you can achieve various lighting effects while having a response mechanism to different installation systems. From mount lights, flexible lighting, LED strip lights and surface mount lights to switches, Loox can conform to any and all ambient situations.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Häfele

Easy Installation

The Loox consists of three clearly color coded power systems for various LED lights. Each one relates to different systems ranging from ‘mood’ to ‘functional’ light. Its clear infographic operations make for easy operation and installation, which can be done sans an electrician.


Knowing all your light preferences and having them at the touch of your fingertips has never been easier. We hope knowing about Häfele’s lighting system can ensure a better lighting experience for you.

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