Little spaces, huge inspirations

Little spaces, huge inspirations

This smallest within your apartment is of great importance in many aspects. You can relax bit more than your bedroom here while lying down in your bathtub with close eyes and if you have invested some value to its interior it surely becomes double. Sky Creation offers decent yet durable interior stuff for your bathroom.

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Amazing creative wall tiles are the beauty of this space. Our designers choose perfect combination for your brick wall bathroom along with high quality durable interior.

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You can have a pleasant morning bath with such a fresh face of your bathroom. The black and white hexagon floor tiles make it extremely unique and minimalistic. The curved stem flowers are bringing more value to its beauty.

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Grey is the most favorite pick for this 2016, said famous Interior designers. Grey have a tendency to make any space more sophisticated and appealing to its best like this bathroom. Absolute interior has been used.

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This small space within your apartment brings more value if you keep it as classy while maintaining its simplicity. The legitimate use of sanitary interiors along with glass shower cabin makes it complete.

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The most appealing feature within this architecture space is its basin sinks’ wallpaper covering. Such a perfect combination used relating to its floor color. High quality glass shower cabin is worth having within your washroom.

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Possibly more than whatever other room in the house, the lavatory is a private space. It is that range where we perform every day shower and where we take the chance to really divert ourselves from other works.

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For washroom interior design is a questionable thing for most of the people. You have to know which tints to use, what materials, in which style et cetera. This is a tricky space to design and put all amazing interior within this small space.

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This is kind of common bathroom for those who love black and white shades all over their apartment. It’s important to keep in mind the legitimate use these universal shades along. Artistic wall tiles are bringing more boosting look in this washroom.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Sky Creation)


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