Living Like A Cool Modernist

Modernism is emerged in the late nineteenth – early twentieth century, it is one of the prevalent themes that influence the contemporary design trends nowadays. But it has become so engulfed in some of the other contemporary style you might not even recognize it now.

In this post, we are going to feature a few interiors for all those true, hardcore modernists who know and love the simple, understated beauty of the modern style!


1. Subtle color scheme

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The modern style uses understated color schemes that emphasize the simplicity of the overall style. Greys, whites and blacks are the running theme. Monochromatic and achromatic interiors give the aura an air of elegance and sophistication that any other color can never imitate perfectly.


2. Looking for Clean Lines

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Modern interior design is all about emphasizing the lines. They are bold and very clear. Any true modernist would appreciate an interior design that features a blueprint inspired by clean lines that stand out perfectly in the overall design. Furniture is a great way to highlight this point – clean, minimal lines stand out the most in simply designed surfaces!


3. The great & simple way

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The modern way of life is basically a simple way of life. A modern interior design is always designed in the simplest way. There is little to no decoration. The idea is to highlight the elegance of your designs through simplicity. So no ornamentation is allowed. Instead, you can highlight the essential parts of your construction. You can even showcase the objects you built that area of the interior design for. It’s a great way to combine function and aesthetics at the same time.


4. For a clean & compact spaces

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Modern spaces thrive on clean lines and designs. Since you cannot indulge in frou-frou accoutrements, try to make simple designs very bold. For example, if you’re designing a simple platform bed, how about you use two steps instead of one to make it stand out and have a unique design of its own. With these small additions, you can make even the most standard designs interesting.


5. Try to emulate openness

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Spacious layout is a linchpin of the modern interior design. When you use minimal ornamentation and simple finishes, it helps to create a comfortable and great space. In addition, all the plain design can make the space looks truly upscale with little effort.


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