Make your home interiors winter ready with these tips

Now that those few coveted winter months are finally on their way in Singapore, it’s time to get our homes winter ready! Because most Singaporean homes are designed to beat the heat during those hot summer months, it can be challenging to make them cozy in winters. So, today we’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks on how you can prepare your homes for winter. Let’s take a look:


1. Fasten your window treatments

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Winters are all about making the most of your daylight savings and sunshine, so you’ve got to tweak the window treatments in your home to let those in. For homes with blackout shades, switch them out with honey-comb alternatives, sheer curtains, or venetian blinds so that warm winter sunlight can filter in and cozy up your home ambiance without any active interventions.


2. Prepare you bed sides

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In summers, cool floors can seem like a total blessing. But during winters, the shock of a cold floor can send you reeling back into the blankets. This s why you need to make your bed sides winter ready by furnishing them with a thick, woolen, warm area rug. This way, when you put your feet on the floor, you’ll have a little time to adjust before slipping on your slippers.


3. Ramping up the warm accents

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Winters can be harsh when your home is designed in a sleek and frosty manner. Interior designs with largely white themes can end up enhancing the cool feeling inside the space, which is why you need to enhance all those warm accents! You can bring in some wooden textured accessories, introduce warm colours in the form of floor cushions and couch pillows, and even stock up on warm temperature-d lighting to achieve this end.


4. Go for lots of textures

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Another way to prepare your homes for winters is by refurbishing all your spaces with lots of texture. Not only does it make the space look cozy, it keeps the eye moving around. Of course, wood is a fan-favourite winter-ready texture, but you can also go for stucco, textured paint, wall tiles, and more.


5. Clutter it up

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The easiest way to make your homes winter ready is by cluttering up the ambiance with all the cold weather essentials. These include fluffy cushions, lots of pillows, plush area rugs, casually thrown blankets on the sofa for some snuggles, etc. All these things can help make the space look homelier and more inviting.


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