Make your homes more spacious with this one layout hack

Have you been struggling with creating a furniture layout that makes your home look spacious? Is nothing really working the way you want it to? Well we’ve got the perfect solution for you. If there is one layout hack that can work in all small spaces, then it’s this: lining up furniture against the wall. So, let’s look at all the different ways you can do it! Let’s take a look:


1. Using the feature wall

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Using the feature wall to line up all your important furniture against it is a great idea, but it requires some clever technique. First of all, you need to get rid of any and all frou-frou accoutrements that can be used as décor on that particular wall. Second of all, you’ll need to select furniture pieces that are statement worthy in their own right. So when the combination of great furniture and simple walls is combined, you’ll not only get a spacious layout, but also a unique ambiance.


2. Using partition walls

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Simply using the partition walls is not going to cut it when you’re going with a wall-to-wall layout – especially if you live in a home with an open floor layout. So in such cases, it’s best that you equally pay attention to all the partition walls as well. For example, you can create a dining nook against an otherwise redundant partition wall by furnishing it with the rightly sized furniture.


3. Using in-built and credenza

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Using in-built shelving and credenza to minimize the use of actual furniture is an innovative way to implement the wall-to-wall layout technique. In some ways it’s even better because you get to utilize the full potential of a certain wall space and build it according to its best aesthetics. You even get to customize the looks to suit the size and scale of that particular wall.


4. With bathroom furniture

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Bathrooms are the best places to realize the wall-to-wall layout. Once again, this is because of how you can get personalized results. The secret to a good bathroom layout is proper compartmentalization, so always make sure that your spaces line up with the right useable spaces before locking down the layout.


5. Functional decorative walls

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Artrend Design

And the last way for you to make the most of your wall-to-wall layout in an innovative way is to design functional decorative walls. This idea is basically about designing a functional counterpart on a decorative wall. For example, an in-built study nook, or a feature-length bookshelf, or even a wardrobe are all a good way to pragmatize the look while adding spaciousness to the overall layout.


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