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Space is a very limited commodity in most urban homes, therefore it is important for the homeowners and interior designers to use their creativity and create efficient space saving solutions. Furniture is extremely important for the look and utility of any home. Below we present some amazing articles of furniture that have stunning beauty and also provide creative solutions to conserve space in your home.

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(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Star Living)

Shelves are paramount for saving space that provides an organized and effective solution for presenting your valuables. The shelf has a unique allure that catches the eye with its fine lines and simple planes. An elegant and artistic shelf that would enhance your interior while ensuring efficient utilization of space.

JotterGoods - Plane Shelf

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Star Living, Plane Shelf)

Dining table can arguably be the most important article of furniture in a home. A beautiful dining table with ample spacing enables you to entertain guests and host intimate family gatherings. This Sahara extendable dining table is the perfect representation of how creatively crafted furniture can hold a lot of beauty while not compromising utility. This stylish dining set uses clean and crisp lines to create an eye catching look. The extendable feature saves space and also provides you with extra space in times of need.

Mondi - Sahara Extendable Dining Set (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Star Living, Sahara Extendable Dining Set)

There is no better feeling in the world than lounging on a comfortable sofa while watching your favorite shows on TV. This unique Joey functional L shaped sofa bed with 2 stools is perfect for that. The subtle coloring and unique look of this amazing sofa would enhance the beauty of your lounge tenfold. The stunningly creative design would ensure perfect utilization of your space while having the ability to accommodate an extra guest or two. The beauty and elegance of this couch would perfectly complement the rest of your interior to create an elegant and cohesive design with perfect utilization of space.

Star - Joey Functional L-Shaped Sofa Bed with 2 Stools (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Star Living, Joey Functional L-Shaped Sofa Bed with 2 Stools)

An ideal house should have a lot of storage option that do not mar the beauty of the house. Organization is key to a functional and beautiful home. This Striell Bedroom set with concealed storage section is the perfect solution for organization and space saving where you can store all your bedding accessories and access them at the time of the need. The simplistic design and amazing quality of the bed creates a beautiful look that would make you fall in love with it. A stunningly creative bedroom for your home that saves space and instill a lot of beauty in your home.

Star-Striell Bedroom Set (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Star Living, Striell Bedroom Set)

Beauty speaks for itself it does not require words or rants to draw attention towards it. This Sarah functional round coffee table and extendable TV sideboard are such items of furniture that would catch the eye of anyone visiting your home. The beautiful and delicious wood textured pieces perfectly complement each other. Their quality adds a sense of excellence and amazement to the home. Elegantly crafted pieces that would fit perfectly in your home. Their unique design and creative use of the space would ensure that you can fit more in a small space. Perfect pieces of furniture for homeowners seeking to conserve space.

Mondi - Sarah Functional Round Coffee Table & TV Sideboard (Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Credit: Star Living, Sarah Functional Round Coffee Table and TV Sideboard)  


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