Marvelous Ways To Put Soul Into Modernist Interior Designs

The contemporary society of designers and architects is always divided in two when asked about the contributions of the modernist movement. On the one hand, its simplicity broke the traditional richness of the old, historic styles, but at the same time, post-modernist architecture defined by the international and Brutalist movements also delivered some of the ugliest visuals in the history of humanity. So the question is; how can you put a soul in your modern interior designs?

Modernism is an aesthetic beloved by many Singapore residents, and designers all over have come up with amazing ways to bring about a comforting and beautifying aura in this style let’s find out how!


1. Managing material surfaces

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Modern architecture features the authenticity of materials, so if you are able to manage their visuals properly, you can definitely make your modern interiors meaningful. You simply have to alternate your materials choices, and then use the ones that lend the space a comfortable yet simple look.


2. Minimalism that matters

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‘Less is more’ has become the anthem of all modern architects, but only a few understand its true meaning. It does not mean that you have to compromise the aesthetic by using as little as possible. In fact, it means that you should declutter your homes to get the most comfortable and clear mindset as possible. If the space is always full of clutter, then so is your mind. A mindful e is always full of clutter, then so is your mind. the most comfortable and clear mindset as possible. if definitely intmodern interior design introduces a Zen vibe with the help of a minimalistic aesthetic.



3. Simplicity by design

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Soulful modern interior designs look the best when they have been articulated in the clean style. Clean design emulates simplicity in the design that emphasizes the function. However, it doesn’t make functionality the center of the design, but also accounts for visuals as well. It’s plain and straightforward, but never unmindful of the ambiance.



4. Neutral colors

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Renozone

Neutral colors are a great way to accomplish a beautiful and mindful modernist interior design that is also fully comfortable for the users. In the past, designers used to use a lot of whites in their modern designs, but lately, the change to the neutral palate has been definitely appreciated.



5. Aesthetic beauty

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Renozone

Just because the modern style emphasizes simplicity does not mean that you have to compromise on beautiful visuals. You can definitely have the best of all worlds if you can juggle the right materials, lighting and design style all at once.

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