Memory Wall Ideas 2019: Designing A Nostalgic Memory Wall At Home

Thanks to technology, you can store lifetime memories in your smartphone. But there is something magical about the traditional style of framing your favourite memories and placing them on walls.

Framed photographs weave a warm spell around you. They transport you back into a time where giggles and fun times were captured with the click of a button.

And, as a home decor accent, a lovely photo memory wall in your home is the best conversation starter. Art and elements do their job, but a wall that spins around the best moment of your life is a must-have on the list.


Creating Memory Wall At Home

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Memory wall displays your favourite photographs and artifacts of family and friends, reminding you of good times in your life.

Start by selecting frames and get creative with it. For a uniform and cohesive design, choose same or similar frames. For instance, you can have all black frames of the same size, or use all black-and-white photos to pull an elegant charm.

For an eclectic appearance, choose frames of different sizes and styles. Get two or three larger frames to balance out the small ones and lend interest to the wall. Choose frames with simple designs to avoid distraction and ensure that photos are the focal point.

Here are some essential tips and tricks to create a memory wall in your home:


1. Choosing The Wall

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Choose a prominent place, ideally your living room, to make sure your memories will get noticed as much as they deserve. Choose the hallway, a family room wall, children’s play area, or a wall in your living space.

Never choose a wall that gets a good deal of sunlight, as it may fade your pictures. Always hang pictures higher if the room has high ceilings.


2. Equally Spaced

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Make sure the memory wall take up the entire wall.

Each item must be equally spaced apart so that the wall looks organized, not cluttered.


3. Leave Space for New Memories

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You create memories every day. You will have more good times and so good memories. So, leave some space on the wall for new memories on the way.

To avoid any void feeling, you can purchase attractive frames now and hang them empty. This will encourage you to create new memories and remember the old ones.


4. Avoid Small Items

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Don’t use too many smaller items. If you do, your memory wall will look junkie.

If you have smaller items, frame each one in a larger frame to add significance to it.

5. Get Your Travels Printed

Wallpapers are not as popular these days as they were earlier. So it’s your chance to get some cool designs that may be exactly what your empty wall needs. Hunt to find wallpaper or a huge poster of the world’s map.

Spread the map of wallpaper across your wall and use that space to display your travel memories.

Tape your travels to appropriate places that you visited or simply use that wall as a backdrop for your travel collage. It’s a fun addition to your home decor!


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