Metallic Marvels: How This Amazing Material Can Vastly Improve Your Decor

Metallic Marvels:  How This Amazing Material Can Vastly Improve Your Decor

There was a time when iron, aluminum and chrome were regarded as secondary compounds in the world of interior design, used to add small, superficial touches to a home.  The occasional chrome counter-top; an exposed steel pipe in a loft; a hanging copper lamp...

But in today's modern interior metal has a far more prominent role, adorning walls, floors, ceilings, cabinetry and furniture.

No longer a supporting cast member, metal is now a star, and we can see this clearly in the use of metallic wall panels.

Used everywhere from commercial venues like restaurants and offices to residential apartments and lofts, metal panels are a strong, versatile, and visually beguiling alternative to wood, cement and plaster.  It can also be combined with these other materials to create a look that's wholly unique.

Some attributes which distinguish metal panels are their use in industrial decor, providing a rugged edge or a “work in progress” flavor.  Or they can be used alongside exposed brick in an upscale loft for that gritty yet down-to-earth look.

But metal panels don't always have to be dark and austere.  As Singapore's Eltsac Panels shows us, they can be smooth and polished, bright and charming, vintage or ultra-modern, simple or engraved with intricate patterns.

Here are some examples of Eltsac's metal paneling at its best.

1. Oh the Irony




Metal panels carved into a brick-wall pattern is an irony not lost on anyone, especially interior designers.

Here they match the tone, texture and colour of this heavily industrialized apartment, but if the walls had indeed been brick, then the room would have a rougher edge.

However, the use of metallic silver panels gives this home a very sleek and modern appearance, while also complimenting the gleaming furniture, cabinets and appliances.

Rough and smooth at the same time—just one of the lovely paradoxes of metal panels.


2. Diverse Patterns





As you can see, metal panels are available in a huge variety of patterns.  Unlike the relatively simple brick-wall design these are more sophisticated and suitable to almost any interior, whether it's a loft, posh condominium or a commercial property, such as this bakery in Malaysia:



This diverse mix of iron tiles on the ceiling gives Malaysia's Huckleberry Food & Fare a very sleek and modern quality, while the second picture—which offers a wider perspective—disrupts the previous aesthetic along with our expectations, going for a rusty, ram-shackle and battered appearance.

The result is a clash of styles between old and new, between ancient factory and modern cafe, of sleek metal tiles and brownish iron planks masquerading as wood, and of contemporary light-fixtures versus antique caged-lighting.

Here we have a commercial space that's both posh and rugged at the same time—all of which proves that metal panels can be adapted to any environment.


3. Iron Elegance



Singapore's own MATCH Restaurant & Lounge provides us with a glimpse of the true aesthetic prowess of metal paneling.

Beautiful, elegant and modern, the charm of this glittering establishment is magnified by the golden shimmer of lights upon its floor and iron ceiling.  The interplay of gold and silver produces an atmosphere of extreme decadence, a place of high-society and exquisite taste.


4. Steel Splendor






Taipei's Hotel Proverbs shows metal panels at their finest.  Chic, ornate and classy, the dark exoticism of this hotel is only possible because of the pale glimmer from its iron walls.

They're the most prominent material in sight, exuding sophistication and luxury with a hint of seductive allure.


5. Understated Elegance


At first glance it's hard to determine that the wall in this background is in fact a large metal panel.  The detail is so fine, so delicate, that our eyes overlook it.

This sheet of pressed metal demonstrates the versatility of such a material: it can be lavish and elaborate like the prior examples, or in this case it can be simple, understated and refined, a cohesive part of the decor rather than the dominating force.

Here, the use of white rather than dark grays and silver gives this home a sense of peace and tranquility.

Whatever design touches your home requires there's a metal panel that answers it.

Strong or delicate, overt or subtle, Eltsac Panels Pte Ltd knows how to use this flexible, adaptable compound to bring out the beauty in any interior.



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