Minimalism In Achromatic Colors

Up until now, we’ve only ever seen minimalistic interior designs that feature an understated neutral palette along with a simple yet charismatic appeal. However, did you know that minimalism could be carried out in shades of greys, blacks, whites and monochromes? Intrigued? Let’s take a look at how you can do it:


1. Picking out dark and light sides

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The thing with minimalism is that even though it is plain and unembellished, it still needs a little bit of contrast to feel comfortable. So when you’re working with an achromatic palette for such an interior design, you have to pick out a light and a dark tint beforehand. Only when you’ve decided how to balance both of them within the space can you truly get started.


2. Trendy furniture

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Trendy Scandinavian style furniture is the perfect pick to make your achromatic minimalistic interior designs feel comfortable. Chairs like the Eames Eiffel design and tables with wooden textured legs and flat laminated tops are all a welcome addition.  They’re elegant but understated. You can even play with mismatched pieces to get a more dynamic visual.


3. Using greys as contrast

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One thing that remains common in all versions of minimalist interior designs is the white backdrop. However, the contrasting color you use can totally redefine the entire aesthetic. For example, instead of using neutral shades of browns and taupe, you can go for sophisticated greys to get a different look.


4. Using different materials

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Achromatic color schemes look boring and uninteresting if there is no visual diversity. So how can you introduce that while still maintaining the integrity of the minimalist look? Easy: by experimenting with different materials. There’s a lot of diverse and unique textures available in different construction/design related materials in the market, and you can pick and choose to your liking.


5. Matching décor-essentials

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The best part about the minimalist aesthetic is its consistency. There’s very little that deviates from the original color or material scheme. So, while designing such interior designs with an achromatic palette, you need to be considerate of this fact. Choose objects and décor that blends well with the overall color scheme to get a holistic look.

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