Mirror Mirror On The Wall: 5 Simple Ways To Use Looking Mirrors

Looking mirrors have recently emerged as a great interior design commodity. This is mostly because of their reflective quality. It’s almost like a double edged sword – it allows you to carry out great decorative work with simple techniques, but it also enhances the visual quality of the space. Its most attractive quality is that it can create an illusion of two times the space that actually exists. This element makes it the perfect technique to be used in small style HDB designs.



1. For narrow entrance spaces

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If you ever find yourself facing the conundrum of working with a narrow entrance to your home, then never worry. You can use feature length looking mirror cladding on one side of the foyer lobby to create an illusion of a large space. This image shows the perfect example of how a simple mirror cladding has enhanced the beauty of the entrance design of this home.




2. Mirror Cut-Work

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Mirror cutwork can be used to create amazing feature walls in home designs. They’re the perfect way to create patterned illusions in your space while making it seem spacious at the same time. The best part is that you can have the mirror cut and fit in any pattern whatsoever. A mirror cut accent wall can certainly add that extra oomph in your home designs.



3. Shelf cladding

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If you only want to use mirror work in small amounts throughout your home, then door leaf cladding for shelving units is a great way to start. If you clad mirrors on door leafs of any small shelving units, then it will automatically become a great way to decorate and camouflage a very hard to decorate part of the interior design.



4. Part of the bed

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Bed headboards some in a lot of shapes and sizes these days. They’re being specifically designed to be dual purposed – a feature wall as well as a headboard at the same time. You can use mirror work to add a beautiful decorative value to the overall design of your bed headboard. This image shows a perfect example of how such a design can be carried out.


5. Full feature wall

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Form and Space

Sometimes, you can end up with an extra small room in your HDB which can be pretty hard to decorate or design. In such cases, cladding an entire wall of this room in looking mirror is the best option. Not only does it doubles the dimensions of a room, but it provides a great aesthetic value to the overall design.

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