Mirror, Mirror on The Wall, Who is The Smartest of them all?

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall, Who is The Smartest of them all?

In a world ruled by Smart Tech, let us now introduce you to the next revolutionary invention in the field. FRED Mirror dramatically improves the most important aspects of the mirror experience. It is a multipurpose mirror that not only streams music and videos, but also offers the unique feature of purifying air. It’s amazingly prolific structure and creative aesthetic make it a must have for any and all interior spaces.

Launched in 2017, FRED Mirror was first introduced in the country of Singapore. Its innovative tech has been carefully assembled to suit the sense and sensibilities of native Singapore residents and their tastes. Let’s look at some of its major functions:

  • Part Of The New Lifestyle

FRED Mirror can be set up in any part of your home, be it the bathroom, living room, or even bedroom. Its versatile aesthetic can blend in anywhere and provide quality to the ambience – both literally and figuratively.

Mirror has a unique advanced air purifying technology. If you place it in the bathroom, you’d never have to worry about the bad smell, and if you place it anywhere else in the home, it would constantly exude fresh plumes of air, acting as an inbuilt air freshener. Within the context of a country like Singapore, where the air can occasionally get hazy, FRED Mirror can deodorize the ambience, freshen the air and eliminate the germs while also sharpening up the aesthetic.

  •  The Most Powerful Mirror yet

FRED Mirror has a large screen with the brightest and most colorful display. It is a touch system device that connects to the Wi-Fi and streams all your favorite songs and videos. It has built in sound system of the highest quality that amplifies your music to give the best user experience. The very formation, advantages and system of FRED Mirror define an upgrade in convenience and lifestyle. Its simple, sleek design makes it an easy fit for all interiors; be it an office, a dressing room, or even a kitchen.

  •    All New Anti-Mist Screen

FRED Mirror acts as an actual mirror – only better. No matter the temperature, you will never find the surface of its screen succumbing to condensation. Mirror stays clear and no more wiping of foggy mirror for you again.

  • Built to be Water Resistant

With its entire enclosure re-engineered, FRED Mirror is the very first water-resistant smart mirror.  So now you are protected like never before against spills, splashes and even dust.

  • A Bold Complement

FRED Mirror acts as a platform and connects all of your portable technology and everyday items. For example, it can be paired easily with items such as your Fitbit’s wearable as well as smart weighing scale Aria. You can track your sleeping pattern, measure your weight and track your fitness on the mirror every morning.

Other items that fit nicely with FRED Mirror includes Kolibree’s Smart Toothbrush as well as Kerastase’s Smart Hair Brush, which is going to be released in the latter half of 2017. Users can brush their teeth, comb their hair and track their oral and hair condition on the mirror.

  • FRED Care

FRED Mirror comes with a 12 months warranty as well as a 1-for-1 exchange. The company promises to replace one device for another within 36 hours during the warranty period of 1 year.

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