Mixing Eclectic With Your Personality

Eclectic interior is funky, quirky and attractive with a lot of character. This interior design style is one of those that makes an instant impression on anyone looking at it for the first time. It uses a fine blend of fun color combinations, unique furniture and an overall distinct ambience to set themselves apart.

So what happens when you decide to design them with a bit of a personal flair? Well, first of all, it can add to the personality of the space, and secondly, the design will feature a more comfortable ambience for the user. Let’s look at 5 ways you can mix eclectic style interior with personality.



1. Interpret your favorite colors

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The eclectic style is one of those unique design styles that becomes more attractive and vivid with the use of multi-colors. So the easiest way for you to add personality in such interior designs is by blending your favorite colors in the space with the help of the right textures and materials. These can be an area rug, the sofa upholstery or even artwork hung on the wall.



2. Accessories and furniture

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The best part of the eclectic interior design style is that it always appreciates a little character. So if you’re looking to add some personal flair, going for customized furniture and accessories is one of the best ways. These accessories include throw pillows, sofa cushions and decoration pieces. All of these must feature a very unique and distinct aura to fit in well with the overall design.



3. Unconventional designs

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Another great way to add personality to eclectic interior designs is by doing it in an inherent way. Colors and décor aside, every interior aspect always features some inbuilt formations like a wardrobe, media wall or even a bed headboard. You can design such features in a quirky and unconventional way in order to get the best results.



4. Personalizing fixtures

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As far as bathroom interior designs are concerned, you can make a quirky fixture selection to make them seem more eclectic with a personal flair. You can tinker with the vanity design and add in customized lighting to make it more unique. You can even litter your bathroom space with personal paraphernalia to add personality to the overall design.



5. Unique accent walls

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A nicely designed accent wall always ends up becoming the feature of any interior design space. You can use this to you advantage in order to make your eclectic style interior designs more attractive. These accent walls can be designed to feature a unique aesthetic in order to add personality to the overall interior design.

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