Must Read: Tips To Use Soft & Soothing Colors For Your Home Design

Soft, soothing colors are just modified hues of regular colors, but there’s just something about their light disposition that sets the mind at ease. This is why they’re extremely attractive, and have been trending on the Singapore design charts for a while now. Further, let’s take a look at a few different ways that you can use soft, soothing colors in your interior design.


1. Through furniture

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Furniture is a great way to bring in a soft, soothing touch to your interior designs through colors. If your surrounding interior space is carried out in whites or greys, then you can use light, breezy colors in the furniture to create contrast. You can even use accessories like rugs and throw pillows to use darker tints of the soft colors in order to create contrast.


2. Light wood

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Wood is one of those universal materials that is available in a variety of grains – both dark as well as light. If you’re trying to make your interior designs look interesting, then you can use light wooden laminates – oak wood, ash wood, etc. – to emulate a soft, lighthearted look in the overall space.


3. Create contrast

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You can even use two hues of varying textures in the same interior design to get an attractive ambience. For example, if part of your interior design is done up in woods and whites, then a small part can be finished with some other material – like slate grey tiles – to counter the effect of the lighter hues.



4. Accessorize with care

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An underrated yet brilliant way to work in some contrast with soft colors for your interior designs is by using accessories. These can be decorative as well as functional items. For example, you can use books, curtains and even moveable trolleys to bring in a light color of your choice in your interior design.



5. Have a nice backdrop

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In order to make your soft hues stand out, you have to make sure that the backdrop is adequately light. White is the best choice, but if you want to do something a little different than a soft slate or dove grey can be used as well.

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