Nonpareil – Media Wall Galore

Nonpareil – Media Wall Galore

Along with the advent in technology in the construction and design field, there has also been a great leap the material industry. Not only has it led to a better allocation of resources in interiors, but also an element of cost efficiency that allows for more flexibility in designs. The living room is essentially the heart of any home, and one of the main attractions in this area is definitely the television. It allows us to unwind and relax while enjoying our favorite shows on perfectly wall mount fabrications. The combination of new materials and advent in recreational technology has led to the formation of media walls – a semi protruded chunk of mild density fiber, chipboard or any other suitable material with high quality veneer which we can mount our flat screen’s on. Over the past decade, these have slowly become a living room essential, and the designs need to be varied enough for the client’s sensibilities. Keeping that in mind, we would be taking a look at a few uniquely designed media walls today.


This chrome media wall definitely take a leap towards a contemporary future. The design is sleek but simple. The glamor of this media wall comes from an unadorned simplicity that is reflected in the rest of the design. The overall ambiance of the room however, counteracts the sleek austerity of the media wall by amping up on a cozy, intimate environ with cushy furniture, warm lighting and a beige color scheme.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd


This media wall staves of the otherwise modern aura of its surrounding theme, and tries to emulate a rustic sort of aesthetic. The stone cladding on the media wall’s surface amalgamate well with sleek onset of the rest of the theme. The shelving unit for media devices is done in a rich veneer, but is definitely glitzy with a shiny gloss over the surface.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio

Warm Contemporary

This chocolaty themed living room features a short heighted media wall that is both aesthetically appetizing and pleasing. The accessorizing is a large part of this design – all these trinkets are just the right stylistic expression for this particular theme. The warm ambiance is reflected in each and every part of the design itself, with just the right amount of whites holding down the fort in appropriate places.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Unimax Creative

The Avengers

The Superhero theme has been ‘it’ since the Avengers took the big screen by storm in 2012. This media wall is an ode to that particular superhero theme, and emulates the sleek modernity of the Avenger’s theme into its small constraints pretty well. The logo might be a dead giveaway, but the chrome reflective glass adds even more authenticity to this theme. The rest of this theme follows a rather homely contemporary trend, which works in contrast with the heavy logo of the media wall design.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design


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