Ornamentation – Redefining Neo-Traditional Interiors

Ornamentation – Redefining Neo-Traditional Interiors

When we say traditional, most of us do not have any idea of what we actually want of the traditional style. There are so many individual characteristics of any traditional interior, and so many style meshed together in this one genre that it is difficult of perceive one from the other until and unless you know all the small nuances of every single one. On a broader scale, most people are referring to the classical style of traditional when referring to this genre – architraves, entablatures, cornices, corbels, and pediments. But the symmetry of this traditional style does not perfectly harmonizes with modern day architectural planning. So the neo-traditional style takes some of the more common elements of baroque, rococo and art deco/nouveau to create a style that blends well with modern sensibilities and classical aesthetics. Let us take a look at how these might work in tandem.

Wainscoting with Minimalism

Creating a perfect blend of modern and tradition in an interior design scheme is a painstaking task. You have to proportion the right amount of stylizing with a harmony and rhythm that characterized the classical style. The aura of grandeur has to be retained while keeping the contemporary in check. Wainscoting is one way of keeping this check and balance. It is large enough to embrace the modern aura of simplicity and stylistic enough to be appropriately baroque. Adding false ceilings and objectifying them with decorative architraves instead of simple cornices adds a perfect reflection of modern meets traditional.

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While Greek and Roman classical traditional styles were known for their white marbling, the baroque and renaissance themes were more about rich colors and shiny diversity. The neo-traditional style tries to make the perfect amalgamation of both of these traditional outputs into one single interior while giving it a distinctly new age look. While the juxtaposition of rich and white color schemes has to be harmonized, you can add that reminiscent richness through creative lighting techniques and stylized furniture. King beds and ornamental side tables in tan/brown and gold schemes combined with directional lighting can create a beautiful atmosphere that, combined with the color scheme can create a magical neo-traditional aura.

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If you want to portray a true classical look in the neo-traditional style interior design, then it would be best to create a harmony of traditional elements with modern materials. Classical style was applied best to the walls and ceilings. You can use the custom and combined it with modern materials and fixtures to retain the neo-traditional outlook. Transparent glass is one such material that can counter the ambiance of a true traditional style while keeping the integrity of a contemporary countenance. Combine that with a modern or retro furniture scheme, and you’ve got yourself a winning design.

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The English equivalent of traditional, this one has all the trappings of a renaissance plateresque style. With a kitschy feeling it can amalgamate well inside a neo-traditional setting. The stylistic use of lighting fixtures and elaborate furniture only adds to the bright charm of this almost traditional setting.

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